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Lipstik Shades that Suits Most Skin Tones

Lipstik Shades that Suits Most Skin Tones

3 Lipstik Shades that Suits Every Skin Tone.

Lipstick is a product that can make or break your look. But it is also a product that is most difficult o purchase. Multiple shades, tones and terms like liquid, matte, glossy associated with lipstick can make lipstick purchase overwhelming even for an experienced user. Plus, the fact that what looks good in the tube may not match your skin or hair or outfit. But half the battle is won if you manage to find a lipstick that matches your skin tone. So let’s look at three shades that compliment most skin tones.

5 Shades of Lipstick Every Girl Should Own for Every Skintone


It is erroneously believed that red is only for fair women. Women with warm undertones or dusky women often shy away from red. But the fact is that red suits most skin tones. Red lipstick with blue undertones will suit most skin colours. Light red with a matte finish also looks good on most skin tones. Red lipstick gives you a sophisticated, timeless but playful look.

While purchasing red, the finish is important. A glossy finish will draw attention to your lips and make them stand out. But if you don’t mind being the centre of attraction, then go right ahead. Matte finish is comparatively safer. It blends in with your look without calling for attention.


Nude lipsticks are gaining in popularity, and for a good reason. They look good on all skin types and people of all ages. They are a class apart. Nudes also blend in well with any hair colour. You don’t have to lose sleep about matching your outfit with your lips while wearing nude lipstick. The right nude colour will be slightly darker or lighter than your natural lip colour. Brands offer many shades of nude. Nude is also perfect for almost all occasions.

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Maroon has ruled the popularity charts for ages. This tone suits all skin types. It is hard to go wrong while wearing maroon lip colour. It also goes well with casual and formal wear. There are many variations in maroon, like burgundy or wine.

Whichever colour you choose, make sure to hydrate your lips. Chapped lips can ruin the gorgeous colours. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence and rock your world.

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