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Magnetic Eyelashes – What Makes them a Better Option?

Magnetic Eyelashes – What Makes them a Better Option?

You don’t know how lashes can flatter you till you have them.

Luxury beauty products may include fragrances, makeup and anti-ageing creams, but women love those false eyelashes that are a sure sign of allure. They can enhance any eye shape, and those who are not fortunate to have natural ones have to depend on glue-on ones. Nonetheless, do you? Do you have to depend on only glue ones to make you look attractive? The answer is ‘no’. Magnetic lashes are available too, and most people love them.

Magnetism with Magnetic Lashes

A few years ago, magnetic lashes hit the beauty scene, and they were all the rage. Exclusive and luxurious to wear, they look quite authentic, for starters. Their other great feature is the ease of wear they afford. There is a small learning curve with these too, but if you cut up the lower strip into pieces and use tweezers to stick the magnets, you’re on the right track. This is a quick way to wear them conveniently. Apart from these advantages, you can get more use out of them than with glue ones. They last longer as they don’t get messy, making fewer errors on the application.

Magnetic eyelashes are the go-to for longer eyelashes. High-end ones can be handled easily, and you can take them off without damaging your real ones.

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Lashes with Glue

Adhesive eyelashes have been in our midst for years. The main reason that people opt for them is their wide accessibility. You get around 3 to 5 uses out of these synthetic wonders and about 20 uses out of ones made of mink if you tend to them appropriately. So what’s the downside? Well, these take a lot of practice to apply with just the proper precision. You need to practice using the glue first, and if you make errors, your natural lashes may be forced out! Taking them off carefully has to be your goal for the day. They also tend to look entirely fake.

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