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Make Your Perfume Last Longer in The Summer

Make Your Perfume Last Longer in The Summer

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

It is not only that we change our perfume in summer, keeping the most intense ones in the drawer and welcoming fresher aromas, with a clean smell, of the beach,… The way to apply them also varies. Although it is common to think that this gesture of changing the fragrance or using less quantity is enough in summer, the truth is that this is useless if what we want is to prolong the duration of its aroma.

The Perfume’s Concentration

The key to prolonging the scent of a fragrance when temperatures rise is to opt for less concentrated eau de toilette rather than continuing to use perfume. There are fragrances (lucky those who use them) that have a version in ‘Eau de Toilette’. In summer, it is better to opt for the latter than for the ‘Parfum.’

Remember to Perfume Your Hair

The fear of photosensitisation makes some women choose to perfume their clothing rather than their skin. But beware! because fabrics like silk or linen can be ruined. What to do then? It is true that it is not recommended to perfume and sunbathes afterwards, but what about steaming your hair? The hair keeps the scent for much longer, and there are versions of fragrances – often called ‘hair mist’ – that are specially designed for it and that, in addition to providing a particular aroma, hydrate it.

Bet on Citrus and Fruit Fragrances

Summer is the perfect time for voluptuous citrus, fruit and floral aromas. However, oriental fragrances are very heavy on the skin with rising temperatures, in the same way, that it happens with woody notes. So, in summer, it is recommended to regulate the use of amber, musk, sandalwood or vanilla. Excessive perspiration can alter these notes as well.

Apply The Perfume with Sightly Damp Skin

Fresh out of the shower, and after applying the moisturising cream, take the opportunity to spray the hottest areas of the body with perfume. And this brings us to the next tip.

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Apply The Perfume on The Pulse Areas

The neck, wrists, ankles, behind the ears and the knees are the warmest areas of the body and contribute to the perfumes stay longer.

Keep The Perfume Safe from Light and Heat

The duration of the perfume on the skin does not simply depend on its type and application but is also closely related to where we store it. Perfumes can spoil, accelerating oxidation if they are not kept in a suitable place, protected from light and high temperatures.

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