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Makeup Techniques for Mature Eyes

Makeup Techniques for Mature Eyes

How to Make Mature Eyes Look Lifted Using Makeup?

We can apply some fantastic makeup tricks to make our eyes look larger and even more attractive. It is especially essential for people over 50 because our eyes reveal age more than any other facial feature. So the appropriate makeup applied correctly may significantly impact our ability to appear and feel younger.

Preparing for Makeup

Preparing your eyes to look fuller and lifted begins with the pre-makeup routine. First, it’s critical to use an eye cream to maintain the sensitive eye region’s hydration. After the eye cream has completely absorbed, use an eyeshadow layer to prepare the eyes. A small quantity of tinted lid primer and concealer works well to level out the complexion if your eyelid seems to have some discolouration, noticeable veins, or dullness.

Make your Waterline More Vibrant

One of the most straightforward tips in the beauty handbook is to line the bottom waterline using a pale liner. You can make a significant difference with white eyeliner, but experts favour a beige liner since it appears more real without any apparent downside.

Since you blink around 1500 times each day, eyeliner wouldn’t last for a long time on the bottom waterline. So carry your eyeliner and apply it anytime you need to go to the restroom.

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The eyebrows are a non-surgical makeover. Brows play a crucial role in defining and elevating our eyes. First, brush your brows up to enhance the lifted appearance. Then use brow powders, pencils, or cream to finish them. Using eyebrow pencils to draw the design you desire around the underside of your eyebrows will be beneficial. Lastly, eyebrow gel can be used to maintain wiry strands in your eyebrows’ tail regions.

Minimize Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Big and bright eyes give you a more alert appearance, and they even brighten up your eyes. Go for a concealer colour that is one or two shades or lighter. For example, you can wipe out purple tints with a peach-toned concealer when you have dark spots under your eyes. Baking beneath the eyelids will enhance vibrancy and prevent smearing of your liner during the day. Following concealer, make the regular application of colourless powder below your eyes and set it for 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, dust it with a soft, dry brush.

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