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Mastering Eyeliner Application in Five Steps

Mastering Eyeliner Application in Five Steps

How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro?

Celebrities have always fascinated us with their stunning eye makeup look. Although it may seem challenging to achieve those signature celebrity lines, patience and practice can help you master the craft of applying eyeliner.

Stay with us until the end, and you will be able to create the magic on yourself.

Even if you lack proper skills and never dared to apply eyeliner on your own, nothing to be worried about. You can quickly master it by following the step-by-step guide below.

1. Make sure your eyes are prepared before you start making lines

Often overlooked, this is perhaps the most crucial step to achieve a perfect eyeliner application. Cleanse your face with your face wash and apply moisturizer. Now, pick an eye cream and administer it around your eyes.

2. Now it’s time to put a clean base

Any makeup should start with a properly applied base coating. To ensure an impeccable finish, use an eye primer on the regions around your eyes where you intend to apply makeup, including eyeliner. Eye primer enhances your skin texture, which helps to apply makeup easier and smoother. Give a few minutes to set the primer, and then use a concealer to cover any irregular pigmentation or marks. Follow the process with a setting powder to lock the base.

3. Create art with your liner

Now you are ready to apply your eyeliner. Most premium eyeliners come with their own brushes. Start with making small strokes and build up gradually. Finish an eye first and check if it looks how you intended – then repeat the process with the other. Please note maintaining symmetry between both eyes is the key here. You can end it here or go ahead further to add wings if you wish.

4. Wear your wings to fly high!

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The secret to drawing out a perfect wing is following the natural line which extends from the lower lash. Once you find that perfect angle, start making the line. Now, fill them with a slow but steady hand. In the end, use a pencil liner and blur the outer half out a little to complete the look.

5. Add an extra flaunt quotient, and you are done!

Congratulation as you have reached the final part. If you have followed the instructions successfully so far, you are already looking fantastic. Combine it with some mascara to show off what you have achieved with your intoxicating eyes!

Wrapping it Up

It takes a fair bit of practice and patience to get everything in order and reach the glam your friends would envy. Now that you know all the steps, it’s time for you to get on the floor!

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