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Nail Polish – Five Colours that Never Go Out of Style.

Nail Polish – Five Colours that Never Go Out of Style.

Nail polishes have a wide range when it comes to colours. Depending on the time, some are used more than others, but some are always there because they never go out of style.

Those tones, specifically five, have remained firm regardless of the new trends that emerge around them since classic and personal colours stick at the time, season or year.

Nail polish colours that never go out of style:

  • Red: The classics do not go out of style, and that they say it to the red that is still the favourite nail polish of almost all women.
  • Pink: The quintessential feminine colour. You can choose from a large range of pink shades. From pale to neon, and your nails will look so cute and elegant.
  • Blue: The most successful blue shade is metallic blue as it is a very daring colour and striking. It is a great tone for the night and, above all, ideal for wearing in winter.
  • Gold: This colour has become the favourite colour of many women of many at Christmas, and without a doubt, it is an incredible colour. It always looks good with any garment.
  • Purple: Purple is another beautiful colour that brings elegance to the hands and combines with everything.

French Manicure will always be your best friend.

5 Ways To Get French Manicure Nails!

The French style manicure is one of the most used styles over time since it is versatile because it looks elegant, chic, relaxed and subtle. It is a manicure that combines with all styles and will make you look perfect at any time. You can also use the different variations of this design and wear French in dark or neon tones.

How to?

  1. Always apply a base to prepare the nail, a transparent polish that will prevent your natural nail from staining.
  2. Depending on the colour and the quality of the product, two coats of nail polish (always allowing the product to dry well between the two, wait at least 5 minutes!).
  3. And finally, a topcoat that fixes the result and allows it to last longer.
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