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Nine Easy Ways to Maintain Your Intense Hair Color Longer

Nine Easy Ways to Maintain Your Intense Hair Color Longer

Nine Easy Ways to Maintain Your Intense Hair Color Longer

Hair color in the summer may go haywire in various ways, including withering in the heat or turning green when exposed to chlorine. Those strands that have been meticulously colored in a salon chair, on the other hand, are more susceptible to the summertime fade. Here are nine techniques for keeping your color vivid all season long, whether you’re in the sun or by the water.

How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer?

  • Maintain the nutrition of your hair

Long-lasting color begins with a colorist who preserves each strand in the salon. Above all, having healthy hair is critical to maintaining your color’s freshness and vibrancy. Bond-building products are advised. These can help keep the hair strong and allow the color to stay longer when applied to dyes and used to condition at home.

  • Apply coconut oil to your hair to protect it from the sun

Coconut oil has a natural SPF of about 6, which isn’t enough to protect your skin but is ideal for protecting and hydrating your poolside hair. In addition, it will moisturize your hair and protect the color from fading. And just like that, you can perform a conditioning treatment while sitting in the pool!

  • Use a cleansing cream instead of shampoo

One of the principles for keeping your color is to keep the hair cuticle tight, which stops the dye from leaking out. A cleaning cream won’t open your cuticle as much, and it won’t contain any harsh laurel sulfates that might cause the color to come out. In addition, it’s softer on the hair and more moisturizing—keeping your hair hydrated is essential in the summer.

  • Choose cold water rinses over hot showers

Though the hot, humid weather makes it more convenient to shower, it’s best to limit shampooing—especially for single- or double-processed hair—and instead rely on cold water rinses. Yes, it’s summer, which means people are hotter and sweatier, and the hair is dirtier. But, washing with cool water is very beneficial since it maintains the cuticle tight, which prevents your hair color from fading.

  • Try a rinse that seals your cuticles

A DIY technique to preserve each strand is using an apple cider vinegar rinse towards the end of your shower. This will seal your cuticle and make your hair glow. Put a cap or two of vinegar in a gallon of cold water and sprinkle it over your head. Do this once every week as an acidic rinse.

  • Make a Hair Mask a part of your weekly routine

The drier your hair is, the less lustrous it will appear. As a result, use a hair mask at least twice a week. A hair sheet mask is another option.

  • Before blow-drying, use a heat protectant

Apply a heat protectant first if you’re planning to straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair. Protecting your hair from the sun and heat is essential for keeping your summer hair color vibrant.

  • Hairspray gives the hair a glossy finish

A shine-enhancing hair spray is a fantastic product to keep on hand if you’re styling your color-treated hair and it’s looking a little drab. To define your style and add a bit of sparkle, simply shake the container and spray from a few inches away.

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  • Consider buying a shower filter

Shower filters are generally found in the hair tools area of the store. They aren’t inexpensive, but this is one product worth investing in if you color your hair frequently. The minerals in water can alter the color of your hair, making it too green or orange, and filters can assist.

While you can’t stop your color from fading, you can undertake simple measures to keep it looking and feeling fresher. And remember, when it comes time to color your hair again, a little care and protection go a long way.

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