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Nutrition & Rejuvenation

Nutrition & Rejuvenation

Can Good Nutrition Help You Get a Better Skin?

Are you aware that the intake of good nutrition can facilitate skin rejuvenation? Numerous scientific studies have proved that nutrients play an essential role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

The high levels of pollution in urban environments are bound to affect your skin health negatively. In fact, chronic exposure to pollutants and UV rays from the sun can rob your skin of its freshness. 

This is why you must supply your skin with the right amount of nutrients so that it can defend itself against everyday threats. While skin ageing is a natural process that cannot be prevented, good nutrition can pave the way for an attractive complexion.

Good nutrition can cure not only skin conditions like acne and psoriasis but also ensure overall well-being. So if you are keen on having radiant and fresh-looking skin, you must be familiar with the following essential nutrients and their benefits.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A promotes collagen growth which in turn protects against sunburn and keeps the skin free from wrinkles. It also helps in the formation of protective skin layers and keeps diseases like acne at bay. Some rich dietary sources of vitamin A are eggs, milk, yoghurt and green vegetables. 

2. Vitamin B7

Abundant in foods like oatmeal and bananas, vitamin B7 is naturally produced by the body. The deficiency of this nutrient may cause inflammation of the skin. Topical preparations containing vitamin B can hydrate cells and give a glowy appearance to your skin in an instant.

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3. Vitamin E

Being a naturally occurring antioxidant, vitamin E can neutralise the detrimental effect of UV light on your skin. Besides protecting from sun exposure, topical vitamin E has been shown to soothe dry skin and improve overall texture. Vitamin E is found abundantly in broccoli, peanuts, asparagus and vegetable oils.

4. Zinc 

Zinc is an essential mineral that enhances immune function and helps treat acne lesions on the skin. In addition, it facilitates the maintenance of elastin fibres and improves the skin’s ability to get rid of wrinkles. Zinc also tames oil production and helps prevent skin sagging, thereby giving you a youthful appearance. Whole grains, mushrooms and lean meat are some excellent sources of zinc.

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