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Paco Rabanne – Olypméa Blossom Eau de Parfum

Paco Rabanne – Olypméa Blossom Eau de Parfum

Olympéa Blossom, Floral Eau de Parfum.

Let yourself be swept away by the olfactory composition of Olympéa Blossom: a floral and fresh scent composed by Paco Rabanne for a radiant and confident woman.

The history of Olympéa Blossom resonates in every woman. When worn on the skin, its olfactory bouquet finds the perfect balance between the subtle freshness of rose petals and the fruity accord of sparkling blackcurrant and frosted pear. In your wake, the Olympéa Blossom perfume will leave behind its iconic sweet and delicate scent. An instantly recognisable romantic and modern fragrance…

Olympéa Blossom’s Inspiration

Only a goddess can cover herself from head to toe in flowers and nothing else. In the heart of a heavenly garden, Olympéa Blossom is freer and sexier than ever before. Her beauty illuminates everything around her. Wherever she goes, her confidence brings intense joy and inspires freedom. She creates her own story, as if composing a bouquet.

Bold femininity requires real sensuality. Her secret? A feminine and sensual floral perfume…

Olfactory Universe 

The creation by Paco Rabanne; Olympéa Blossom eau de parfum for women. A fruity floral, symbolising unexpected femininity.

A divine duel between refreshing petals and deep sensuality. First, a peppery burst of fresh roses mingles with a sorbet of tangy blackcurrant. Spicy notes and rounded, frosty pear contrast with this floral punch.

The lightness of the flower then settles into an ultra sexy contrast, where tender vanilla blends with cashmere wood.

A perfume with a musky trail that ensures a long-lasting fragrance, creating osmosis with the skin.

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Graphic Fragrance 

Olympéa Blossom is truly distinctive with a refreshing, soft pink on the glass. A bouquet of graphic black flowers inspired by Rabanne styling blossoms across the bottle.

For exceptional shine, the lid features luminous gold contrasting with deep black.

Femininity revealed through every detail.

Invictus & Olympéa – Starring Luma Grothe & Nick Youngquest

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