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Perfume Subscriptions: Are They Really Worth The Money?

Perfume Subscriptions: Are They Really Worth The Money?

Perfume Subscriptions- Are They Really Worth The Money?

Beauty subscriptions are becoming more fashionable than ever because they allow users to discover different brands, try new looks, and receive an additional monthly gift with beauty products adapted to their tastes and needs through a subscription. But what about receiving a monthly box with your favorite perfume or cologne?

This subscription idea is based on the variety and the surprise effect it gives the receiver once every month.

What Are Perfume Subscriptions?

If you’re a perfume lover and enjoy trying new fragrances, then you and perfume subscriptions are an actual match. Perfume subscription boxes allow you to try several trending, classic, and under-the-radar fragrances at a fraction of the cost of a full-sized fragrance. The best part? Your curated scents are delivered right to your door every month. 

Trying Before Buying

For most people, trying new fragrances can be difficult because when they go shopping for a new perfume, they tend to give up after smelling the fifth one. This happens to most of us because we tend to get overwhelmed by the various scents available.

Some other people buy perfume thinking is the right choice, but when they reach home and try it again, they find out that it’s not really suitable for them. Or, if you are one of those who like trying different fragrances without taking the risk of buying many perfume bottles and ending up ruining them, maybe trying a subscription can be a good idea for you.

How Do These Subscriptions Work?

Perfume subscription boxes allow you to sample different fragrances at a small cost without buying the full-sized bottle before knowing if you will really like it.

You will be sent monthly recommendations and inspiration based on the scent preferences you fill out when you first sign-up. After that, you can continue to add favorites to your queue to enjoy month after month, having the freedom to pause and cancel at any time.

How Much Does It Cost?

For around $15 per month, you can choose a favorite fragrance from a catalog of over 580 designer and niche fragrances. Plus, they come delivered in a travel-friendly vial with about 150 sprays to get you through 30 days. This means you get to try a brand-new perfume each month. How nice is that?

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From well know designer brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Prada to niche scents from Oscar de la Renta and Serge Lutons. These subscriptions invite you to discover new fragrances or revert to tried-and-true favorites each month for you and your loved ones.

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