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What is Permanent Makeup, Risks and Benefits

What is Permanent Makeup, Risks and Benefits

Permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation is the revolution that is conquering the beauty industry among busy and non-busy women…

Permanent makeup was created for many reasons. Women that love makeup but have a busy lifestyle, are lazy, not very skilled, have no patience to spend in applying makeup or simply they want to wake up feeling beautiful and looking good every morning, then the best solution is the permanent makeup.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is also called micro-pigmentation and it consists of a micro-implant of pigments that are carried out in the most superficial part of the skin – epidermis – and that can be applied on different parts of the body such as the eyebrows, the edge of the lips or the eyes. Thus, Micro-pigmentation is called the introduction of pigment granules of different shades into the dermal tissue with the help of very fine needles.

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Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a very confortable solution if you like and love wearing makeup. Also for those women that are not very confident to be seen without makeup. This technique gives security, and it doesn’t matter if you cry, laugh, eat, drink, sweat or even when you swim, permanent makeup lasts and hardly needs touch-ups other than when time passes and you have to do it again.

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What are the disadvantages of Permanent Makeup?

Let’s explain one important thing before anything else:

Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo, meaning that, when you get a tattoo on your skin it is something permanent that stays forever, however, when it comes to makeup, a different technique is used. Permanent makeup is actually a semi-permanent type of tattoo, that at some point you will have to do it again as it starts fading after few months or few years.

However, if you don’t like the results, you can’t just remove it the following day.

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Let’s see some of the risks of Permanent Makeup:

  • Allergic reactions: Some people are allergic to the pigment; To verify this, it is necessary to carry out a sensitization test prior to makeup that is omitted in many places.
  • Disease transmission: Non-sterile materials can transmit diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.
  • Risk of infections: As the tattooed tissue is exposed, there is the possibility of contracting infections, fungi or bacteria.
Watch Stephanie Lange telling her story and experience with permanent makeup.
  • Inadequate healing: Depending on the skin type, the person can develop keloids: raised and exaggerated scars.
  • Bad practice: If the needle penetrates very deep into the dermis, granulomas will appear, which are transient or chronic inflammatory lesions.
  • Psychological issues: In case the permanent makeup is wrong, the person can suffer depression and low self-esteem.
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