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Pressotherapy: What Is It, Benefits & How Does It Work?

Pressotherapy: What Is It, Benefits & How Does It Work?

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Pressotherapy is a form of massage that can help anyone who regularly exercises or is physically active to relieve physical tension and stress. By using a computerised device that alternately sends out compressed and decompressed air into a suit, various points in your body can be massaged.

Unlike a masseuse, the automated procedure ensures that the correct amount of pressure is provided to relevant body parts, ensuring better-targeted treatment.

Pressotherapy Sessions

A typical pressotherapy session can last anywhere between thirty to forty-five minutes. Of course, you’ll need to do more than one session before you start to feel the benefits. But for anyone interested in fitness, a pressotherapy session can relieve physical stress, heavy limbs and even enable you to lose weight.

Pressotherapy use in Beauty

Pressotherapy is a medical and beauty procedure where specialised computerised tools are used to massage a person. A professional esthetician is required to operate the machinery, and they also help the client wear the suit they need for the treatment.

This massage therapy can be used to target your arms, legs, or abdomen. First, you’ll be given a suit that sort of resembles an astronaut’s suit and is available in different colours. The suit comes with hooks that are connected to the computerised setup. Through these tubes, compressed and decompressed air is sent to target and massage different body parts.

What are the benefits of Pressotherapy? 

Pressotherapy has many benefits, especially for people interested in fitness. By combining a regular exercise routine with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can genuinely enjoy the use of pressotherapy.

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  • Pressotherapy stimulates the lymphatic nervous system. This improves the flow of lymph, the fluid carrying white blood cells, in the body. This in turn improves immunity and helps the body to fight off various diseases.
  • Relaxes stiff muscles and joints, which are commonly experienced after a good workout.
  • Blood flow through the body is increased, which in turn improves regeneration.
  • Any swelling on the limbs is reduced, and muscle aches disappear.
  • Can help the digestive system, and in the regulation of bowel movements.
  • Is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Reduces stress and tension.

Pressotheraphy – What Is It?

Professional athletes often use pressotherapy as a way to improve their physical health, as well as the body’s regeneration process.

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Pressotherapy provides excellent benefits for fitness enthusiasts by increasing the regeneration process and enabling faster healing. If you want to improve not just your physical health but your emotional well-being as well, then consider pressotherapy.

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