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Prestigious Contextual Placements – Home Décor & Lifestyle

Prestigious Contextual Placements – Home Décor & Lifestyle

Go Local – LA Times Case – Locally Targeted Sales Boosts

Here’s an example targeted to consumers in California. When consumers visit their favourite local newspapers like Los Angeles Times or visit premium lifestyle magazines like HomeDécor SensationsVogue Lifestyle or Elle Decor from specific cities like Los Angeles, the BeautyLife informational content-campaigns makes sure your brand is listed in the “Explore & Shop Now” list sections of all campaigns sites and sales funnels to place you in the top 3-5 brands selling the products covering the specific campaign topics for “Better Sleep”, like Sleep RemediesMattresses or Pillows as showcased in this “Better Sleep” campaign case.

Looking for more sales in specific countries, states or cities, you’re all covered. To support either local retailers, your flagship stores or just targeted areas – the proprietary technology behind the BeautyLife Reseller Platform will help you sell more locally, or in specific targeted areas.

Start New Content Campaigns, in 24 Hours or Less.

Ready to sell more? Reach out to the BeautyLife Marketing Team to start a sales campaign. 

Reach more than 41.8 million women and 17 million beauty addicts frequently shopping for beauty products. New makeup artists, brands, beauty saloons, style celebrities and brand ambassadors are joining the sales program weekly.

All promotions in campaigns are paid by delivered results. No sales, no ad expenses.

Download BeautyLife’s Mediakit & Marketing Plan: Marketing Plan

Start a Campaign: Contact ConsumerLife Commerce

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