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Professional Colorist Advice to Maintain Blonde Hair at Home

Professional Colorist Advice to Maintain Blonde Hair at Home

Professional Colorist Advice to Maintain Blonde Hair at Home

Wondering how you can maintain your blonde hair at home? Regular visits to a salon may not be feasible for everyone. But there is no need to worry. These steps by a professional colorist will help you maintain your blonde hair from the comfort of your home.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair at Home?

  • Hydration is Key

Various hair procedures and products can damage your hair in the long term. Whether it is bleaching, lifting, straightening or curling, your hair can risk losing its natural oils and the nutrients sealed within the cuticle. It is therefore important to replenish the vitality of your hair to maintain its pristine shiny appearance. You can do this with deep hair treatments which involve a hair mask and a powerful leave-in conditioner. This is excellent for color-treated hair.

  • Protection from Heat

After a blonde color treatment, the cuticle of your hair is stripped. This means, it is difficult for your hair to hold on to nutrients and hydration, at least for some days after the color treatment. So the last thing you want to do to your hair is make it undergo any kind of heat styling. This will further exacerbate the damage and make your hair look dry and dull. Keep away from irons and blow dryers for some time to keep your new blonde hair healthy. If you must use a blow-dryer, be sure to use some heat protectant spray beforehand. Otherwise, tie your hair up in a bun or braid for a few days. It will be a nice new look for you.

  • Protection from the Sun

The UV rays of the sun are not only harmful for your skin but also your blonde hair. Avoid overexposure in the sun at all costs. Too much sun can turn your lively blonde hair into a darker shade of orange. Do not let it stop you from being adventurous and outdoorsy though. Simply carry a cute hat wherever you go and put it on to protect your hair against the sun. You can also invest in a UV protectant spray or hair primer if you plan to go swimming in the beach.

  • Choose the Right Color Shampoo

Sometimes, regardless of the precautions you take your blonde hair will get affected by unavoidable natural elements. But you can prevent this with the knowledge of the color wheel. The idea is to use a color which is the opposite of blonde. That color happens to be purple. So invest in a purple shampoo to preserve the blonde tone of your hair. Ensure that the shampoo is free of sulphates and that you condition and hydrate your hair frequently.

  • Less is More

This might sound counter-productive to some readers, but you should wash your hair less frequently. Whether you are a redhead, a brunette or a blonde, the less you wash your hair the better your hair will be. Washing excessively depletes your hair and scalp of its natural oils, which act as a source of nourishment and protection. Also, use cold water to wash your hair. This will impart a shine to your mane. 

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