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Questions for Dr.Martin Godfrey – Independent Medical Consultant Minerva Research Labs

Questions for Dr.Martin Godfrey – Independent Medical Consultant Minerva Research Labs

·       Can you explain how Gold Collagen is digested by the body?

Firstly, Gold Collagen is in a liquid format which means it is easier to digest and easier to swallow. As a liquid it is more readily absorbed as soon as it enters the stomach. Daily dosage (50ml) of Gold Collagen contains a high content of hydrolysed collagen (up to 5,000 mg) which can be up to 20 times more than a typical collagen tablet. The star ingredient in the formula is hydrolysed collagen which is made up of small peptides (highly digestible pieces of collagen) these peptides are then easily absorbed and distributed throughout the body via the blood stream at a high rate.

·       How does Gold Collagen support natural collagen formation?

The collagen naturally present in our skin, joints, tendons and ligaments has a high molecular weight. If applied on skin topically, it cannot be absorbed and if ingested, as is not easily digested or absorbed. The collagen used in our product is hydrolysed collagen which helps the body to form new collagen structures.  It provides the amino acid building blocks and also stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid molecules.

·       Where in the body is liquid collagen most absorbed?

Hydrolysed collagen, reduced in small peptides, remains intact during the digestive process and is easily absorbed in the small intestine where it enters the blood stream and reaches the deeper layer of the skin.  Once it reaches fibroblast and chondrocyte cells, it stimulates them to produce new collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, essential elements for the health of skin and joints. 

·       After what time frame can one expect to see results from drinking Gold Collagen?

Typically, if taking the supplement daily one should see increased skin hydration after just 3 weeks and reduction in the appearance of fine lines after 6 weeks. Clinical trials conducted at Minerva Labs have shown that after 3 weeks volunteers saw a 12% increase in skin hydration and up to a 20% increase in skin elasticity after 9 weeks.

·       For optimal results how long would you recommend one takes Gold Collagen?

To see the best results which include increased natural collagen formation, skin hydration, reduction in the appearance of deep wrinkles, healthier hair and nails we recommend taking Gold Collagen for at least 1 month or better 3 months continuously for better results and have at least two treatments per year before winter and summer. 

 Why does the body’s ability to produce collagen start gradually decreasing after the age of twenty-five?

Approximately 80% of young and healthy skin is made up of collagen, however, with time and natural ageing the body’s ability to replenish collagen decreases by about 1.5% per year in the dermis (middle layer of skin) each year after 20. Produced by special skin cells called fibroblasts, collagen production occurs continuously throughout our lives. However, with time collagen levels start to decline – there is a drop in production and an increase in degradation. The collagen structure becomes more fragile and brittle leading to a weakening of the skin’s structural support. The skin loses volume and firmness and starts to thin, sag and wrinkle. The reduction in collagen production also results in the loss of hyaluronic acid further impacting on the hydration and suppleness of the skin.

·       Can you please tell us more about how you conduct your clinical trials and the volunteers who take part?

Proof is the cornerstone of our brand and our products. As a pioneer of the collagen-based liquid supplement category we prove the efficacy of our products by conducting in-house clinical trials and by collaborating with external clinical organisations and renowned universities[WM5]  such as University College London Eastman Dental Institute (University College London), University of Portsmouth, John Moores Liverpool University, Unimore (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) and Seconda Università di Napoli (Italy). Most of our trials are randomized, double or single blind, and placebo controlled. which means participants don’t know if they are receiving the product or placebo. Participants are selected from the group of healthy male and female volunteers based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.  

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·   What have been your most interesting discoveries from your clinical trials?

Results from our trials show an improvement in skin properties such as skin elasticity, skin hydration and a reduction in photo-damage. These results are confirmed by subjects’ own perceptions with participants agreeing their skin is more hydrated, more elastic, their hair, nails and joints are healthier. In addition, subjects report improvement in their mood and general well-being. 

·   Do the products contain fish oils, porcine, chicken, beef, antibiotics, hormones (or phyto hormones or phytoestrogens), genetically modified organisms, use of nano technology, gluten, sugars, alcohol, artificial preservatives, or artificial colours?

No, GOLD COLLAGEN® products do not contain any of the above mentioned.

What is the recommended daily dose and best time of day to take the product?

We recommend drinking 1 bottle (50ml, the maximum intake our body can absorb) on an empty stomach for best absorption. Alternatively, you can consume the product after meals if you experience indigestion or gastrointestinal upset. We also recommend taking the product as an energy boost because it contains vitamin B6.  Pure and Active contains vitamin B6 at 100% Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) formerly known as RDA or recommended daily allowance and Forte contains 118% NRV of vitamin B6.

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