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Reasons to Always Use Finishing Powder

Reasons to Always Use Finishing Powder

Benefits of Using The Finishing Powder

You would always love to look like the queen that you are. Be it a regular stay at home day, office day, a party or a weekend holiday. Makeup is an essential part of our life. We apply foundation as a base for our makeup. Similarly, you need to apply finishing powder at the end of your beauty ritual to get that flawless skin.

First, put on everything you love, from foundation, concealer, contour, eyeshadow bronzer to setting powder. After that, you can add a bit of finishing powder. In case you are wondering, what’s so magical about finishing powders? We will tell you this. It gives you that magnetic glimmer, which everyone loves.

The Anti-Ageing Advantage

Finishing powders cover up fine lines and pores, leaving your skin even-toned and more perfect than ever. It removes the oily finish of certain products that you apply to your face and gives a fresh and natural glow. The effect of finishing powder makes your skin look healthy and young.

The Textural Finish

We understand that this is the age of hydrating serums and masks, but the finishing powder is the mother of all cosmetics. Or rather the grandfather. It’s been in existence since the concept of makeup came into being. Over the years, its utility and composition have evolved from traditional roles to completely reinvented ones.

It helps you pull off a matte textured look and get that final foundation of shine on your face. This is because the microparticles are reflective, and they shine when light is incident on them. Consequently, your skin glows like a luminous ball of light.

It also furnishes an even texture by removing the colour contrasts created by localized applications of other makeup products on your face. For example, the area around your eyes might look powdery due to the eye shadow sprinkling away during the application. At the same time, the area around your nose corners might be sweaty.

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A finishing powder will smoothen all such textural turbulences in your face and help you get a uniform toned complexion.

Dab Away

Hold a bit of finishing powder in your clutch. It’s not just a great evener but also a good restorer of sheen. So the moment you feel you are too sweaty and your makeup is getting ruined, take a minute and dab some finishing powder over your cheeks and facial corners.

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