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Reasons Why You Should Use Makeup Powder?

Reasons Why You Should Use Makeup Powder?

The face powder or setting powder is one of the essential makeup products, but many women skip this step because they think it is unnecessary or doesn’t like it…

The face powder is an important step to finish applying makeup every day, so ideally it should be in your beauty kit. The advantages that you will read below will convince you to do so.

Learn with Rita Almusa how to use face powders.

Why should I use face powder?

  • It improves skin tone: It is generally recommended to apply the powder after the makeup foundation to fix the makeup very well. However, if your skin is in excellent conditions, you can choose to use only the powder when adding some colour to your face, as it will make your skin look smoother and hide unevenness instead of wearing a heavy foundation. Especially in the summer season.
  • Helps makeup stay: The makeup artists and specialists never skip the use of this product; What’s more, they even recommend that you put it on before the lipstick to ensure that it remains for many hours. Also, applying a layer of powder on top of the eyeshadow and blush will prevent them from fading easily.
  • Absorbs dirt and oil: Mineral powder does not contain moisturizing agents, which makes it able to retain oil and moisture, preventing it from penetrating into the skin; this is how it helps you prevent the appearance of pimples and shine on the face.
  • Quick and easy touch-ups: If you need a quick touch-up, the powder is your best ally, as it helps to unify the tone of the face and quickly eliminate shine.
Watch Slim Reshae to learn how to use face powders for beginners.

Among makeup products, powders have well earned their pride of place. Especially because they are the irreplaceable allies so that the effect of the foundation, the concealer and the highlighter does not look undone in a couple of hours and as well as giving the final touch to any look.

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