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Sales Boost for Brands with Non-Transactional Websites

Sales Boost for Brands with Non-Transactional Websites

Seemingless, Start Performance Paid Brand Campaigns without having a Transactional Website or Webshop, Financed by BeautyLife Magazine.

Dolce & Gabbana Example – Lipstick Campaign

First is a general Makeup Campaign for BeautyLife Magazine, where the Shiseido-owned beauty brand bareMinerals (transactional webshop) is listed as “lipstick option” in the list of relevant lipstick offerings, and then Dolce & Gabbana Beauty in the top 5 listed offerings of brands selling lipsticks.

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty though with a Non-Transactional Brand website, transformed to a sales funnel for the approved eRetailers and webshops selling theDolce & Gabbana premium lipsticks. Automatically created around their Manuela Sanchez’s lipstick campaign for Shinissimo.Find links to the campaign sites and screenshots below.

BeautyLife – Tips to Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Campaign Site:

For Dolce & Gabbana, highlighted at the campaign above,Dolce & Gabbana Beauty is, when clicking at their logo or at “Go to”Dolce & Gabbana linking to their campaign site for Shinissimo, as seen in the link and screenshot below.

The campaign site below is also the Brand Ownership WhiteLabel for Dolce & Gabbana Beauty where consumers can buy the Shinissimo lipsticks thoughDolce & Gabbana not having a webshop, by linking automatically to all relevant webshops and authorised retailers sellingShinissimo products, helping consumers with quicker options of buying their products rather than only linking to a brand website with no options to buy.

Shinissimo UK – Be The Queen of Everyday Life 

BeautyLife x Dolce & Gabbana Beauty – The Campaign site for Shinissimo in the UK:

The same campaign for Shinissimo is automatically created across markets suited for local languages and country resellers. In the following examples showcased in Spanish and Danish, each local campaign site is automatically linking to the certified retailers and approved webshop selling Dolce & Gabbana’s products in the specific regions or countries. 

Avoid Diverters & Counterfeiters100% Brand Control

To avoid Diverters, Counterfeiters and Non-Approved sellers, all brand labelled campaigns are 100% controlled by the brand owner with all rules automatically applied across campaigns, countries and local approved sellers of your products and brands.

Shinissimo only have a few approved premium retailers,so you’ll just see a few premium webshops in this case, and a more comprehensive list of retailers in the next Fragrance Campaign Example; Fragrance Campaign- Contextual Ads

All resellers are controlled by the product or brand owner and automatically applied across all campaigns, countries and markets following the campaign plan for each market, including auto-added new approved retailers or auto-removed retailers across global content, campaigns and promotions when collaborations with your retailers stop.

Here’s a Spanish campaign site with the campaign platform in Spanish:

Shinissimo Spain – Se La Reina de tu Vida Cotidiana 

ES – Se la reina de tu vida cotidiana (BeautyLife x Dolce&Gabbana Beauty)

Here’s a Danish campaigns site and the campaign platform in Danish:

Dolce & Gabbana DK – Bliv Hverdagens Dronning

DK –  Bliv hverdagens dronning (BeautyLife x Dolce & Gabbana Beauty)

Above are the normal campaigns BeautyLife Magazine promotes and buys traffic for, where Shiseido brands having lipstick will be included. If your brand doesn’t have a transactional website, we can include them with campaign sites like the Shinissimo example.

As you see at the Shinissimo branded campaign sites, you’ll have your brand logo on all campaign sites and the platform itself. In this case, the Dolce&Gabbana Logo at the top left corner, and no competitors only approved resellers. This is a branded version of the BeautyLife platform, with only your own brand and your approved retailers.

Branded WhiteLabel + Branded Ownership Setup

The first example of the general lipstick campaign above include competitors, for the consumers, it just includes options to buy, which are important factors for the conversion rates when buying traffic.

To make these options in favour of your brand, it can be done by adding more options from your product line or group of brands, with this case more Shiseido Group-owned brands.

In this case, BeautyLife Magazine still buys traffic and promote the campaigns since we can monetise both transactional and non-transactional sites.

Here’s the look of the Branded Campaign Setup, all competitors removed. This is only featuring your brands and can be created as WhiteLabel for each brand as well. These are quite interesting since you as a brand owner can create master affiliate programs and boost traffic to get lots of publishers to promote your products besides our campaigns. As well, you can use them anywhere suitable for you.

Dolce&Gabbana WhiteLabel – Tips to Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Shiseido Brand WhiteLabel – Tips to Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Shade

The Campaign site for Shinissimo

For the transactional sites, they’ll link directly to the brands’ webshops where consumers can buy + approved retailers according to preferences. For each of the non-transactional sites, the brand gets campaign sites listing the retailers of your products like the D&G Shinissimo.

To support attention to all sites, all of them can be WhiteLabeled to big influencers, and the models featured in your campaigns. Manuela Sanchez is not that big on social media nor promoting brands as actively as others yet, but here’s her WhiteLabel for the D&G.

The WhiteLabels to models or other types of partners are tools to support the promotion of your brands, supporting more partners, models, influencers and publishers to choose your campaigns rather than competing beauty brands due to the monetisation tools included.

Manuela Sanchez -Be The Queen of Everyday Life UK

Though Shinissimo was limited to retailers, there’s still a lot we can do to promote the premium versions of D&G products. Product campaigns can also be launched for D&G Beauty due to the setup, as well as single campaigns sites just for the Shinissimo.

Here’s the original Campaign VideoManuela Sanchez.

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