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Shaving Your Legs – Hair Removal with the Good Old Razor

Shaving Your Legs – Hair Removal with the Good Old Razor

Shaving – Hair removal with the Razor

Shaving and hair removal with the razor. Most people have probably become acquainted with the good old acquaintance, the Razor.

The razor is a regular resident in most bathrooms and works for many women as the easiest and fastest way to remove hair.

Many women feel that they get thicker and darker hair after a shave. However, getting thicker hair after shaving, is a myth. The reason for the stinging sensation is that hair is thinnest at the tip and thickest at the root. The hair therefore feels thicker because you cut the hair in the middle when you shave.

Most Women Remove their Hair with a Razor.

Instead of a normal razor, you can use a special razor designed for women. Look for lady shavers that are designed for thinner hair than a male beard. Find Lady Shavers.

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Shaving is probably the most common method of hair removal. Not least if we also include men’s daily shaving of the face to remove unwanted beard growth. In this guide, however, it is not men’s daily face shaving that will be the focus.

For the vast majority of people, shaving is the first hair removal method they become familiar with, because it is easy and straightforward. It just requires a razor, then you are up and running and you can use a razor anywhere.

However, it is definitely recommended to use more than just a razor. It is harsh diet for the skin if it’s not softened before shaving. It is recommended to moisturize the skin with a warm bath before shaving. This also makes the hairs stand up on the skin, which helps you with a good shave, and better results of removing the hair smoothly.

In addition, it’s important to keep the skin free of bacteria in regard to your shaving routines, as the skin easily are exposed to small tears where the bacteria can frolic for an uncomfortable experience with your shaving, red bumps or beard plague. It is recommended that you wash yourself with a body wash that counteracts bacteria.

It’s always important to take good care of the skin after a shave to avoid irritated skin and possibly beard plague, which is an inflammatory condition that occurs in the skin after shaving.

Therefore, finish shaving with a good antibacterial cream, preferably a special aftershave balm or a special aftershave against beard plague that contains soothing, cooling and caring ingredients.

Advantages of Shaving: 

This type of hair removal is quick and painless. It is easy and does not require much preparation. You can do it yourself at home in the bathroom, and the skin feels nice, soft and smooth right after. At the same time, it is the cheapest solution.

  • It’s a cheap method.
  • It’s easy and fast.
  • You can do it yourself at home.
  • It’s painless – unless you’re cutting yourself.
  • You have a good result with a soft and hairless skin right away.

Disadvantages of Shaving:

Your hair returns back quickly and can feel hard and prickly. There is a risk of irritation, ingrown hair and red bumps – especially in the bikini line, and if it you’re in a hurry and shave yourself too fast, you may end up cutting yourself with the razor blades. Therefore, it’s important that you remember to use a shaving foam that moisturizes the skin and reduces irritation after the shaving routines.

  • The hair grows out again quickly.
  • You need to shave very often if you want to completely avoid visible hair.
  • The hairs feel thick and prickly as they grow out.
  • You’ll risk getting red bumps and ingrown hairs, specially at your thin skin in the bikini line.
  • You risk spreading bacteria to other places on your body if the razor is not kept clean.

Looking for alternative to Shaving with the Razor?

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