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Shiseido, Japanese Skincare Traditions & Science

Shiseido, Japanese Skincare Traditions & Science

Shiseido is a Japanese high-end cosmetic brand that has been caring for skin for more than 140 years. The history of Shiseido dates back to 1872 when Arinobu Fukuhara decided to open a pharmacy and bet on the development of high-quality cosmetic products. Arinobu Fukuhara opened the doors and welcomed the first customers into his Ginza district pharmacy. It was a sign of the beginning of a company that would change the beauty industry.

Re-NeuraTechnology by Shiseido

Today, Shiseido has been crowned as one of the world’s most important cosmetic brands that continues developing the most excellent cosmetics to treat facial skin and restore its beauty and youth.

What makes Shiseido probably the best cosmetic brand?

Watch Shiseido Skincare Expert Showing the Japanese Art of Layering

Japanese women boost perfect and excellent skin. Flawless, wrinkles-free, pore-free and full of radiance at any age, just like that of a geisha. Their grateful genetics influence a flawless complexion, but their routines are the key and secret to maintaining an enviable complexion. For Japanese women, skincare is a ritual that made scientists and cosmetic laboratories like Shiseido go above and beyond in clinical research, trials and including technologies to fulfil Japanese women’s demands.

Shiseido continues to thoughtfully fuse Eastern and Western philosophies and innovations to serve as a beacon of beauty inspiration—especially the Japanese sense of spiritual beauty—for women worldwide. Shiseido was also one of the first brands to use Neuroscience to stimulate the sensory receptors in the skin, combining science with nature and using only the most efficacy and finest elements from nature to deliver the highest results to your skin.

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More than 140 years later, since the creation of Shiseido, they still challenge the beauty industry by creating some of the great formulas that really work.

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