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Should You Apply Eyeshadow before or after Foundation?

Should You Apply Eyeshadow before or after Foundation?

Applying makeup properly is an art in itself. Proper application of makeup products is as important as purchasing good quality products. It is here that the argument begins.

Cleansing, toning, applying moisturizer and sunscreen. So far so good. But what next. Many women will say concealer and foundation. But what about eye makeup? Should eyeshadow be applied before or after foundation? This is a long-standing debate and there are supporters on both sides of the argument. Let us examine both sides of the argument and hopefully reach a conclusion.

Eyeshadow before Foundation

Most makeup artists prefer to apply eye makeup first and then foundation. This method is more preferred when they are using glitter-based eye shadow. They fear that any loose glitter may affect the texture of the foundation. The pigments in glitter-based eyeshadows may get stuck in the foundation. Cleaning the face becomes difficult and time-consuming when such a situation arises.

If the face is bare then any loose glitter can easily be cleaned off. Applying eyeshadow first also helps in blending the final look properly. If the eye makeup is heavy or smoky then the lips can be adjusted accordingly.

In some circumstances, the makeup artists also realize that they need to use less concealer and foundation after the eye makeup. This is because as the focus is on the eyes, very little effort is needed to cover the flaws in the rest of the face.

Putting eyeshadow first also allows makeup artists the freedom to work on their looks spontaneously. If they feel that the client’s eyes are beautiful they can highlight the eyes. They don’t have to worry about the makeup looking too loud as they are starting with the eyes. They can tone down the rest of the face accordingly.

Applying Eyeshadow after Foundation

Some makeup artists like to apply eyeshadow after applying foundation. This is possible when the eye makeup is going to be simple and not smoky or glittery. There are women who like to start their makeup after they have applied foundation. This gives them a smooth slate to work on. Some women swear by the advantage of working on a large area before moving to the small area like eyes.

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If you are sure that you are going to use a light-toned eyeshadow then applying foundation first is the quicker method. Applying foundation first also works when you are doing your own makeup for a simple day look. If you are not careful, you mess up the under-eye concealer when you apply it after applying eyeshadow.

Applying eye shadow first works well if you know how to use your fingers to apply the densely packed glitter pigment. Any fallout can be taken care of by a fan-like brush or a tweezer. Women are also known to use tape to gently pick up any fallout.

Whatever the method there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your convenience and the time at your disposal. In the end what feels good will look good.

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