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Should Your Hair Be Clean or Dirty before Dying it?

Should Your Hair Be Clean or Dirty before Dying it?

Should I Wash My Hair Before Dying it?

Hair coloring can be a tricky business. A Good color can make your hair dazzle in the sunlight while an ill-fitting hair shade can make even the best outfit look dull on you. Going to a renowned salon and working with a credible colorist is important. But there are some steps that you can take to ensure the best results.

Before heading to the salon, you may wonder whether you should wash your hair or not. Normally, your hair is washed in the salon before a trim, but hair coloring is a different game.

Washed or Dirty Hair?

The answer may surprise some readers, but the truth is that your hair should be dirty before a coloring session at the salon. Most hair dye brands are formulated to work best on hair which has not been recently washed and conditioned. You can choose to wash your hair the night before the session. But on the day of coloring, steer away from shampoo and conditioner. If you have been exposed to dirt and dust then you could opt for a dry shampoo. Otherwise, let your hair remain natural and dirty.

Why Should the Hair be Dirty before Coloring?

As mentioned earlier, dyes work better on unwashed hair. Also, dirty hair reduces damage from the chemicals in hair dyes. The natural oils of unwashed hair function as a barrier against the harsh chemicals found in hair colors. Think of it as a greasy layer of protection. Chemicals in hair dye work by breaking down the cuticle. This can cause further damage and breakage to the hair. Your hair’s natural oils prevent this and protect your scalp from any irritation. During the bleaching process, the more natural oil you have in your hair, the more protected you will be against the dye chemicals.

Do not worry about dirty hair. After the hair has been bleached, it will be washed properly before the toning process begins. In fact, clean hair can hinder some coloring procedures like balayage. Washed and dried hair contains more flyaways, which are difficult to control and color. Some colorists even use hairspray to dirty up squeaky clean hair before applying the bleach.

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Important Pointers for Coloring

Some colorists recommend you do not wash your hair at least 1 week before a coloring session. The grease build up in your hair will not damage the hair color, but some hair products might. If you really must wash your hair, opt for dry shampoo. But be careful using it. The dry shampoo will not hinder the coloring process per say, but it can damage your hair texture. To prevent this, apply dry shampoo directly to the roots and scalp while avoiding the hair ends.

Once the hair color has been applied, you can head to the shower without worrying about losing the new color. But choose shampoos and products which are formulated for color-treated hair. Your products should also be sulphate-free. By doing so you will preserve the tone of your color, while ensuring minimum damage to the follicle and scalp.     

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