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Skincare Steps You Should Never Skip

Skincare Steps You Should Never Skip

Building Your Skincare Routine

The most vital aspect of a skincare regimen is the inclusion of every step prescribed in the process. A good amount of attention must also be paid to maintaining sequence while carrying out the steps. We present you with a list of essential steps you should never miss during your skincare routine.


You need to cleanse your skin twice every day. The first time can be done during the morning to remove the excess sebum and remains of night cremes still present on your skin. The second cleansing ritual can be done at night – for the elimination of dirt, dust, and other external particles that have settled upon your dermis over the whole day. Use a soft scrubbing material and a face cleanser containing Salicylic Acid for best results.


Exfoliation reveals a new layer of brighter new skin cells while preventing the accumulation of senescent cells on your epithelium. Use a gritty textured cloth to exfoliate. You could also opt for a Lactic Acid enriched granular exfoliator to achieve the same. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and stubborn skin pollutants. Remember to repeat the process not more than three times a week.


Hydrating your skin two to three times a day helps create the right base texture for makeup besides providing a dewy glow. Look for light moisturizers with liquid consistency for day hydration. Opt for creamy and heavy moisture fortifiers at night. Women with dry skin might need to do an afternoon moisturizer touch up too.

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Sunscreens are imperative to the attainment of long-term skin health. Dermatologists recommend using them indoors as well. For your sun protection needs, we advise you to go for higher SPFs if you subject yourself to anything more than 3 hours of sunshine. Make sure you choose a crème that will manage to stay on your skin regardless of the amount of sweat it secretes.


Prepared from a healing and nourishing concoction of naturally sourced pure ingredients, masks help you control skin breakouts. Wear them before you go to bed and wash them off in the morning. Masks are also the best solutions to your instant hydration needs.

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