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Skincare Tools that Deserve a Spot in Your Routine

Skincare Tools that Deserve a Spot in Your Routine

We advocate broadening your aesthetic expertise in skincare tools. The reason for this is that they can drastically improve your skincare routine. From face rollers for face massages to cleaning brushes, let us familiarize you with skin tools that deserve a spot in your routine.

Face Cleansing Brushes

You need your hand and a face wash to make your skin clean, but it is great to go a step farther sometimes. To achieve thorough cleaning, you should use face cleansing brushes. You may get an electric version, which exfoliates your skin- however, you may also opt for manual versions that move in circular patterns to deep clean your face.

Face Mask Spatula

We acknowledge that a face mask spatula is not particularly fancy but can significantly improve a masking session. In its absence, you would insert your fingers in your face mask- consequently; the substance would spread all over your skin by your fingertips, making this activity messy and even unhygienic. Instead of using your fingers, insert the spatula in the mask and let it spread evenly on your face. You will not miss any locations, and the mask will not get trapped between your fingers. It is a silver bullet; believe us when we say that.

Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are double-ended tools containing spherical jade stones. The stones roll over your face to massage your skin and disseminate moisturizers, oils, and serums. It aids in an even application of fluid skincare products and also feels fantastic simultaneously.

Rose Quartz Face Rollers

Rose quartz face rollers resemble a jade roller, except it is composed of rose quartz rather than jade. This face roller is likewise pink in hue, making it attractive among skincare shelves. They are quite photogenic!

You may use them for facial massages and the application of skincare products, similar to jade rollers. 

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Obsidian Face Rollers

Obsidian rollers are yet another form of face roller to discuss. This is the newest roller to gain popularity, and we believe it is well-deserved. Apart from housing black obsidian stones, it is similar to the previously mentioned face rollers. The popular myth about obsidian is that it aids in combating stress. 

Gua Sha Tools

An alternative to jade rollers, Gua Sha tools peaked in popularity about the same time as their counterparts. In contrast to jade rollers- however, Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapy.

The instrument constitutes a flat stone that is pushed against the facial skin to provide a distinct massage. It is usually more vigorous than a face roller due to the application of immense pressure. Rose quartz is the most common stone used in these tools- however, you may also opt for other stones.

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