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Sleep & Wellness Campaigns, Cognitive Contextual Funnels

Sleep & Wellness Campaigns, Cognitive Contextual Funnels

Increase Your Product Relevance With Up To 571% or More.

Relevant content and contextual inspiration leads to consumer desire and consumer needs, even when consumers are not seeking the exact product, to begin with. Relevance and timing are attractive keys to increasing sales, mixing relevance and timing will help you convert more new customers who are less resistant to the pricing of your products or services.

Shopping-ready consumers who are less resistant to pricing help you with higher profit transactions rather than the competitive discount war you have on price comparison sites, coupon schemes extensions and the fierce battle in search engine campaigns. The cognitive contextual funnel promotions talks to people’s reciprocity consciousness, that through “information-first” rather than “attract-attention-with-discount” helps consumers to buy better quality and higher priced products.

Promoting specific products before the need or desire is created, or promoting products using price or discounts to attract sales, before the need became relevant in the process of a contextual situation, can be expensive affair in ad spending, and most often your marketing message will purely just bounce and be ignored by the audience, unless presented in the right order, at the the right time in relevance with the consumers mindset and decision making while they are shopping.

Every Desire Starts with Inspiration …

When consumers are in the right mindset or you have relevant context of the situation, and when that mix of context happens – the pathway to have attention from the consumer increases by up to 571% or more. Reaching your wanted consumers with relevant attention, are new potential customers who are more likely to buy your product even if they were not looking for your goods in the first place.

This case illustrates how contextual relevance have increased sales and conversions, even when the main USP or solution/outcome of the advertisers products had no initial value to the consumer. When consumers started looking for information or solutions about another topic, new products and solutions became relevant, even non-direct causes, problems and products to help the consumers become relevant and lead to sales increase across all advertisers in the “Sleep Better” campaigns.

Consumers are buying, they don’t like to be “sold to”.

Consumers being exposed to ads from one advertiser, especially using “low price” as unique selling point in their ads, gives less attention to the ad and the brand in the ad trying to promote themselves. On the other hand, statistics shows, that content (real content) and ads for services with multiple options of the consumers own likes, are helpful and convenient, giving the consumer the option to choose their desired brands, products or a variety of options to buy what they like, when they are ready to shop.

The BeautyLife cognitive sales funnels are selling more products for advertisers included in the campaigns than if the advertisers are promoted singlehanded, though they had no direct relevance from the initial concern covered in the content campaign.

Go National –USA Today Case –Reach the Nation Sales Boost

High-Impactand guaranteed performance when relevant for consumers in the buying process.

The BeautyLife “Reach the Nation Sales Boost” campaigns combine high-impact and nation wide content campaigns leading to effective sales funnels by serving relevant and engaging topics that solves peoples’ daily concerns, problems and answerssimple everyday life questions. Contextual Relevance and Cognitive Sales Funnels helps consumer with simpler and quicker decision making when in need of solutions.“Go National – Be Relevant”

The cognitive product match algorithms, automatically optimise your presence at placements across all content campaigns.

Prestigious Contextual Placements – Home Décor & Lifestyle

Here’s an example targeted to consumers in California, when consumers visit their favourite local newspapers like Los Angeles Times or visit premium lifestyle magazines like HomeDécor Sensations, Vogue Lifestyle or Elle Decor from specific cities like Los Angeles, the BeautyLife informational content-campaigns make sure your brand is listed in the “Explore & Shop Now” list sections of all campaign sites and sales funnels to place you in the top 3-5 brands selling the products covering the specific campaign topics for “Better Sleep”, like Sleep Remedies, Mattresses or Pillows as showcased in this “Better Sleep” campaign case.

Go Local – LA Times Case– Locally Targeted Sales Boosts

Looking for more sales in specific countries, states or cities, you’re all covered. To support either local retailers, your flagship stores or just targeted areas – the proprietary technology behind the BeautyLife Reseller Platform, will help you sell more locally or in specific targeted areas.

Start Your Own Branded Campaign, in 24 Hours or Less.

Ready to sell more? Reach out to the BeautyLife Marketing Team to start your next contextual sales campaign. 

Reach more than 41.8 million women and 17 million beauty addicts frequently shopping beauty products. New makeup artists, brands, beauty saloons, style celebrities and brand ambassadors are joining the sales program weekly.

All promotions are paid by delivered results. No sales, no ad expenses.

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