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Some of The Most Common Makeup Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.

Some of The Most Common Makeup Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.

Wearing makeup is part of our routine and something we do almost automatically every day. Some women put on makeup in a more obvious way and others more subtle but the one that does the most or the least, even with a little powder, some mascara and a run. This makes us all develop the tricks that we end up considering ‘our’ make up, but at the same time, most of us continue to make mistakes when it comes to wearing makeup, and some are insurmountable.

5 mistakes that you should avoid when applying your makeup:

Watch Ali Andrea’s video to learn some other makeup mistakes.
  1. Not taking care of your skin: There is no better makeup than beautiful skin. Taking care of your skin and keeping it clean and hydrated, above all, is the key to having amazing skin.
  2. Bad choice of makeup foundation. Choosing the wrong makeup foundation is the most common mistake. Finishes, coverage, tones, types … There are matt and other moisturizing foundations. There are sticks, fluids, cc cream, bb cream… Fundamentally, you must have in mind what type of skin you have, what finish you like and what is your most suitable tone.
  3. Your eyeliner: The first thing you have to consider is which style suits you according to your type of eye.
  4. Your blush: The blush is the step of makeup that gives you a nice face almost instantly, but we make many mistakes when using it. For example, giving it too much intensity.
  5. Lip colour: Beyond the lip colour being in tune with the rest of the makeup or clothing, it must be kept in mind that dark colours make the lips look smaller. Therefore, if you have skinny lips, you should avoid these tones and give them volume by outlining your lips with nude or gloss colours.
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