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Some of The World’s Most Exclusive Haircare Brands

Some of The World’s Most Exclusive Haircare Brands

Five Exclusive Haircare Brands

A hair cleanser and nourisher are more than what is assumed of its responsibility from its name. It’s a state-of-the-art product meant for producing a unique personalised experience in body care. We bring you five shampoos that promise much more than a recherché.

1. Ten Voss

Infused with the unmatched purity of Norway’s untouched natural wealth, Voss water amalgamates rich mineral nutrition with rare exclusivity. The pinnacle of quality is represented by its multifariousness – one of them being potability. The means to clean should be the cleanest and the guarantee absolutely binding. With Ten Voss water, you can be sure of that. A common bed and bath solution among the Beverly Hills women, Ten Voss, is the purest premium hair care solution you will ever come across.

2. Kevis 8

An exemplar of the incredible wonders that biotechnology can pull off – the Kevis 8 shampoo is a deluxe therapeutic and regenerative mix for hair cells. They have engineered a target-specific range of hair care products that use hormones and biochemical pathways to revere hair damage. Intensely popular among the niche of luxury hair regrowth packs, they are known for their results as spoken of by their famous clientele.

3. Leonor Greyl

Enclosed in artistic minimalist tubes and bowls, Leonor Greyl hair emulsifiers and conditioners are eco-chic first aid to hair. Developed long before the dawn of organic rage, their products have spearheaded the biological revolution towards plant-sourced luxe care. You can choose from a plethora of options depending on your hair needs. Greyl is a sustainable hair care solution for women of privilege, and they make sure they stick to this noble vision.

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4. Philip B

Philip B is one of the most exclusive hair care brands, and among the brand’s collections, we can find the Russian Amber Imperial Collection; this has the most diverse blend of ingredients among all elite hair washes. It has Amber oil and amino acids for healing structural problems. Shea butter works as a moisture fortifier. Sage and Chamomile summon shine while wheat and soy temper it to perfection. The scent is blissful too. With so many credits up its sleeve, you can surely expect a mane metamorphosis after using this exotic elixir.

5. Oribe

Nothing is as enchanting as the fragrance of a woman’s hair. Oribe knows this. The makers have made sure that your locks give off the most bewitchingly beautiful scent every time you use their shampoo. An excellent hair perfume cum cleanser by every standard, the Oribe premium shampoos cater to an exclusive client base. This shampoo is very well known for its naturally furnished UV resistant properties.

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