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Special Razors Designed for Women – Find the Lady Razor that is Best for You

Special Razors Designed for Women – Find the Lady Razor that is Best for You

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Tips to find the best Lady Razor

Finding the perfect razor is not easy and you will be misled by many skilled marketing experts who know how to convince you of certain products to buy. Advertising agencies, marketing experts and journalists who have been paid well by the biggest brands in the world to convince you, that their lady razor is the best.

Just as they have a lot of money for marketing, they also have a lot of money for product development and innovation to develop really good products. Their deep pockets to market their products to you as a woman also means that there are decades of product development, research, testing and innovation behind the well-known brands, giving you extraordinary shaving experiences most take for granted. The price tag for great products and innovation is worth paying for.

At the same time while all big players are chasing your money, you will also find many smaller companies, start ups and premium brands that have invested everything to create new and better alternatives for women, great start ups who not only innovate, but at the same time are worth considering for their delicious designs, premium editions and luxurious experiences every time you take a little beauty shaving session.

There are many variations and you have few things to consider when choosing a new razor that suits your needs. All women are different, and it is not always your best friends choice, the magazine recommendations of best Razor’s to buy this year, the latest YouTube review or the BeautyGuru you talk to in the local retail store that’s also the best choice for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right Razor, for you.

The Number of Razor Blades Determines the Result

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The Number of Razor Blades

The number of razor blades on your Lady Razor is crucial to how close and smooth a shaving you will get. On the typical Razors for women you’ll find 3 blades, sometimes you will find 5 blades. You will also find Razors with just 2 blades that are typically designed for intimate shaving.

You get good results with 3 blades on your Razor, and much better results with 5 blades if you want to achieve a closer shaving with fewer strokes.

Shaving with razors having 2 blades means that you have to take the same area several times and with more strokes, where razors with more blades help you get more hair removed at the first stroke.

Sharp Razor Blades

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All Razor Blades Should be Sharp

The sharpness of your blades play an important role, it’s more important than the number of blades on your razor. To get a close shave, the sharpness is more important in order to take gentle care of your skin while shaving. Since shaving happens often, for some women every day, it’s important that you take good care of your skin while giving it a daily haircut. A dull razor blade can damage the surface of your skin. Although you may not see visible wounds with dull razor blades, a dull shaving will tear and wear a lot on your skin if done too often.

If shaving regularly without gentleness, the skin will become irritated or in the worst case you’ll end up with regular inflammations. You may experience ingrown hair, inflammation of the hair follicle and red skin bumps the various places you shave, which is probably not a better result than keeping the unwanted hair exposed. 🙂

By using dull razor blades that damage your skin, you will end up with an irritated and damaged skin, where the purpose for most women is to feel gorgeous walking around in a skirt, looking splendid on the beach with a trimmed bikini line or sexy when the erotic hours start with your sweetheart.

The best way to avoid a shaving result worse than unwanted hair growth, is to change the razor, the razor blades or the razors heads on your razor frequently, depending on the shaver you have or are about to choose.

10 billion single use plastic razors 

are thrown away each year!

Give the environment some thoughts too. Many new challengers to the old giants in the razor market offer 100% recyclable materials to fight back on the one-time use of plastic. More 10 billion single-use plastic razors are thrown away each year. There is no need to throw out plastic razor heads or single uses razors if you can change to 100% recyclable blades only.

When do you need to change your razor blades?

It depends on how often you shave and where you store your razor. If you leave your razor where you take the daily bath and it’s exposed to water and moisture on a daily basis or several times a day, it has a shorter life span. If your razor is kept dry when you’re not using it, it has a longer life span.

Keeping your razor kit in wet places will affect the life of your razor blades. Water and moisture on your razor blades can lead to rust, and the Lubrastrip on your razor starts dissolving quicker. You can use your blades for about 5-6 shaves if you remove hair the usual places like your bikini line, legs and armpits at once – and maybe 8-10 times if it’s just the armpits or the bikini line. You’ll easily feel when it’s time to change the blades.

The Shaft of Your Razor

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To get a good and close shave but also a safe shaving, the shaft of your razor is worth considering. The shaft must be able to last a long time, as blades are typically replaced often, unless you use disposable razors. Your razor must have a good grip and be comfortable to hold during shaving.

Since most women are often in a hurry to get ready with showering, shaving, makeup and dressing etc, the grip should also be designed not to slip while you shave. Choose a razor with a good grip to avoid it slipping out of your hands or chopping off a chunk of skin. Razor models with an exclusive look and design sometimes miss the rubber grip, where the best-selling from Gillette Venus as an example never forget the safety while they are designing their razors, so if you can live with a less exclusive design, choose one with a good grip.

<sup><span style=colorbcf3fa class=has inline color>Image Credit Gilette Venus<span><sup>

Maybe you travel often and need a smaller version that is still good and has style and class. There is a pink or rose gold version in almost all sizes waiting to be picked by you.

Women prefer that a female razor is more curved than traditional razors. In combination with a flexible razor head where you can hold the shaft at an angle during shaving.

Another factor is the surface of the shaft. Most women prefer a grooved surface with rubber grips to have a good grip during shaving so it doesn’t slip while shaving and end up giving you the very familiar, but unwanted razor cuts.

Weight also have a saying to a good safe shave, where many immediately think that a lightweight razor is better. Surprisingly for many, you actually achieve a more controlled and stable shaving experience if there is a little weight to the shaft. If you have to carry around your razor in your hand bag every time you leave home, or if you travel often, a smaller and lighter razor may be preferable.

Distance Between the Razor Blades

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Distance Between the Razor Blades is More Important than the Number of Blades.

It is not always the razors with most blades that are the best even though they have many blades and the blades are sharp. You have several considerations you need to look for if you want the best shaving results. The distance between shaving blades has an effect on the end result of your shave, not only the density but especially the experience of your shaving and user friendliness to get an effective and safe shaving result.

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If the razor blades are too close together, there is a tendency for your razor to be clogged with hair, both the longer hairs and the smaller pieces of hair together with the shaving foam. If there is too short a distance between the razor blades, most people experience being bothered since it requires more rinsing of your equipment during shaving and several extra shaving strokes in the same areas of shaving due to the clogging between the razor blades.

The Lubrastrip on your Razor Blade

<sup><span style=colorc9cbcb class=has inline color>Image Gilette Dry vs Wet<span><sup>

The Lubrastrip, which is the term for the strip of gel you find on the shaving head. It’s the sticky strip that you typically find above razor blades. On razor blades for women you will often find a stripe before and after the razor blades.

Depending on the quality and manufacturer, you will find both good and poor versions of this strip and the gel used, at the good end, the Lubricating strip can be found all the way around the shaving head. On the cheaper versions, it tends to have no other effect than tricking your eyes to believe that it might be as good as the more expensive razors.

The arguments for these gels are that you can “completely” do the shaving without shaving foam or shaving gel during shaving. However, it is still recommended that you use shaving foam/gel, although there are divided opinions on whether you can do it completely without.

Anyway, give the body area you want to shave a few minutes under water and some shaving foam or gel before you begin the shaving, it will give you a more comfortable shaving experience.

Razor blades with luprastrip included are still preferable, but do not appear on all razors. Depending on which model you choose and which style you find most appealing to yourself and your bathroom look, let’s say when you have guests visiting and the razor is part of your bathroom identity or you just wan’t to enjoy your quality time with premium products to apply on your skin while also premium tools and devices when you have your beauty hours and take-good-care-of-yourself routines in the bathroom.

The gel used usually has soothing ingredients, vitamins, aloe vera or chamomile which assists you with a softer shave and helps to take better care for the skin which is exposed to a minor and gentle “skin abrasion” every time you shave.

The lubrastrip is hard in its dry state when unpacked or stowed someplace dry between your shavings. The gel on all lubrication strips is dissolved in water or by moisture where the effect of it is released while you shave. The sticky gel is applied to the skin, and according to the formula in the gel, it is applied to the skin at the same time as shaving.

If you choose a razor with lubrication strips, you should keep it dry after shaving and between your shaves. If you leave it in the bath or shower, the gel can either just disappear completely before you have time to dull your razor blades down, or become deformed so you don’t get a smooth close to the skin shave next time you use the razor.

Though the Lubrication strips support before and after shaving results from the gel, it’s recommended to take good care of the areas you have shaved by using good after shave creams and after shave gels designed for the purpose.

Using the Razor should be a good experience while shaving, and keep being a successful result while you’re done with the shaving. Keep your razor clean and use some good products while shaving and after shaving to keep your exposed skin happy.

Post-shave moisturization helps you skin stay healthy and hydrated.

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