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Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

During the months of your pregnancy, many changes occur with your skin.

These changes are linked with the surge in female hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone to the layers of the skin. Skin pigmentation, blood vessels, glands and your immune system are all affected due to this rise in hormone levels. Using luxury beauty products can assure you of maintaining the skin’s natural balance, as well as giving your skin the hydration it needs.

Changes in your Skin

Alterations to your skin are natural, and although you may see them reverse themselves after your pregnancy, there’s no harm in tackling them during pregnancy. The first change you will likely notice is that of pigmentation. The colour of your nipples and the centre of your tummy will darken considerably. Dark blemishes may appear on your cheeks, forehead, nose or chin. Since melanin deposits increase, this is a common occurrence. A moisturizer from a prestigious cosmetic brand can do wonders for improving pigmentation. You can use facial creams for your face and separate body lotions for your body that are great for lightening dark spots.

Stretch Marks

A frequent complaint of expectant mothers is that related to stretch marks. The stretching and distension of the tummy area result in the splitting of the skin. Wavy lines appear across the tummy, thighs, groin region and breasts. After your delivery, these may become pale and gradually disappear, but some may become permanent.

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Tackling Skin Issues

There are exclusive spas that tackle skin issues related to pregnancy. These have gentle therapies that smoothen skin and take care of stretch marks. Apart from that, you may use these handy hints to guard your skin:

  • Broad Spectrum Sun Block – You can use broad-spectrum sunscreen so that your skin doesn’t get darker outdoors. Keeping out of the sun helps too.
  • Good Soap – Mild soap is advised during your pregnancy, but moisturizing ones work better. Bubble baths are avoidable and do not scrub your skin at all.
  • Sunblock with Moisturizer – A blend of sunscreen with a moisturizer is helpful for facial skin during pregnancy. The SPF factor should be at 30 to 50, at least.
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