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The Beauty of Fragrances And Luxury Perfume Making

The Beauty of Fragrances And Luxury Perfume Making

Clive Christian Iconic Elixir

Discover the mystery and beauty of perfume making. From creating a concept to sourcing beautiful natural ingredients, and crafting them into an exquisite fragrance, a British perfume house creates some of the world’s finest perfumes. The only perfume house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles.

Perfectly poised in a crystal bottle and presented in a luxurious hand made presentation case. Expertly crafted in a limited edition quantity of 40 precious pieces for the most admiring of perfume connoisseurs. The elixir is a potent alcohol free oil based perfume of a premium level of perfume concentration. A 50% concentration of fine perfume oil gives longevity on the skin of over 12 hours.

A Love Story Written In Perfume

The sensual X pair is a love story in perfume, harnessing the most beautiful aphrodisiacs that mother nature has to offer to create a jasmine infused perfume like no other. These utterly captivating scents mark the very heart of what a true perfume should be. Soft and sensual, yet at once familiar and exotic, the X pair is as compelling as a closely kept secret.

The feminine version of the pair is an exquisite floral chypre, that evokes the strength and beguiling nature of the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, with both perfumes channelling the heady passion between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony thanks to the abundance of Egyptian Jasmine. A pervading sense of seduction is brought to life through the mingling of juicy bergamot, mandarin and rhubarb and sensual cashmere and cedarwood.

Can Perfume Be An Aphrodisiac?

Perfume can undoubtedly make the wearer feel sexy. There are indeed perfumes with ingredients that are known to have aphrodisiac qualities and the smell can prompt an instant attraction and intuitive sensual responses. Ingredients like Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Vanilla and Ginger are said have aphrodisiac properties. Even Cleopatra knew about the strong quality of Jasmine and used the power of this perfume to seduce Mark Antony.

Discovering The Scent

Sparkling baies rose delights in this luxurious perfume oil with an opening flourish bolstered by juicy notes of exotic yuzu and ripe cassis. Baise Rose, a pink peppercorn (French: baie rose, ‘pink berry’) is a dried berry of the Peruvian peppertree and a related species from Brazil. Rosemmary, an ancient evergreen herb, Rosemary has been popular with humans for a very long time – remains of the herb have even been found in the pyramids in Egypt. In Greece the herb was associated with the love cult around Aphrodite. Amber, popular in ancient Rome during the reign of Nero where it was burnt with woods and herbs and has an intensely dry character.

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Courtesy of Clive Christian Perfume

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