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The BeautyLife Marketing Plan & Your Global Marketing Team

The BeautyLife Marketing Plan & Your Global Marketing Team

A Sneak Peak into the BeautyLife Magazine Marketing Plan.

The BeautyLife Marketing Plan is not the Marketing Plan of BeautyLife Magazine; it’s thousands of individual and uniquely created marketing campaigns created automatically between you and each consumer out there, making “The Marketing Plan” a unique sequence of custom promotions and campaigns just for you and your brand.

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When starting your campaign with BeautyLife Magazine, you’ll get access to a global team of marketing experts and content creators via the ConsumerLife Commerce Content Network, matching your products with the perfect consumers; the “perfect consumers” is defined as the next person who’s most likely to buy your product. Through contextual intelligence and cognitive consumer behaviour, you’ll have a new global marketing team working for you, a team creating, promoting and optimising your sales campaigns for optimal results.

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Each client working with BeautyLife Magazine is promoted individually accordingly to their available products. Meaning, that you’ll get a custom adapted account and promotional setup matching your brands, products and available countries, including countries where you can’t ship yourself or don’t have a local presence or a website ready in local languages.

The BeautyLife Cross Border Team will help you setup campaigns in any market, country or language; you only need to have local retailers or brand website to get started. See more examples and cases here with cross border campaigns or non-transactional websites.

BeautyLife Research Team – Understands Your Local Market

Selling Products in other markets is not only adding flags and currencies to your website or spending millions on advertising. Understanding consumers in new markets, whether you’re trying to launch your own webshop in a new country, advertise or list your products with retailers and locally known department stores, you’ll be able to seamlessly setup custom campaign sites to local markets and start performance paid campaigns.

Besides the practical infrastructure of local payment solutions, shipping suppliers and delivery logistics, understanding the mentality of why Women buy your products in North America vs the United Kingdom is quite different, just copying the sales and marketing strategies from US campaigns and the American continent into the British markets and consumer mindset rarely succeed, and surprises most advertisers.

The common language “of English” is not enough to help you get Women around the world to buy your beauty products like wildfire. Crossing the pond between UK and USA is similar to start selling to German, Spanish or Arabic Women without understanding local buying behaviours. All women and all nationalities have different triggers, mindsets and purchase behaviour.

The BeautyLife Marketing Team

Joining the BeautyLife Magazine advertising team includes you getting access to local researchers, product testers and creative marketing teams that understand the consumers locally. Come along and meet your new Research Team, who will help you sell more in local markets before BeautyLife’s creative team starts working on your content campaigns to help you sell more products around the world.

Start Your Own Branded Campaign, in 24 Hours or Less.

Ready to sell more? Reach out to the BeautyLife Marketing Team to start a sales campaign. 

Reach more than 41.8 million women and 17 million beauty addicts frequently shopping for beauty products. New makeup artists, brands, beauty saloons, style celebrities and brand ambassadors are joining the sales program weekly.

All promotions in campaigns are paid by delivered results. No sales, no ad expenses.

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See Demographics and Local Countries Reach: Country Demographics

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