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The Best Ways To Save Your Lips Before They Crack

The Best Ways To Save Your Lips Before They Crack


Who likes seeing cracked and damaged lips? In order to have a glowing makeup, you need to invest some time in taking care of your skin first. And, did you know that if you don’t take proper care of your lips, they actually age faster than the rest of your face?

To make your makeup look flawless, make sure that you take good care of your lips to let you enjoy supple and well-hydrated lips while wearing lipsticks. Using lip balms can probably help you keep your lips healthy, hydrated and young.

Can Lip Balms Save Your Lips From Cracking?

Though dry lips is standard as any other skin issue, taking good care of your lips to restore their health is something that you will be very happy about. Luckily, you can find some good lip balms that can rescue and repair your beautiful lips. What is a lip balm is evident by its name that it’s a product that helps repair the breakage of skin at your lips and heal them to make them well hydrated and supple. 

Chronically chapped lips, mainly during winters, are something most of people fight against and to fight them well is to use a good lip balm daily. 

How To Choose A Good Lip Balm?

While petroleum based ingredients and silicones may help fill up those dry patches and give you an illusion that you now have smooth skin, they won’t heal your skin. To give your lips the best lip care, you will have to find lip balms with humectants such as glycerin and plant-based fatty acids like beeswax, sunflower oil or cocoa butter that will really repair your lips. 

In general, the fewer ingredients there are in your lip balm, the better it is. You will be ingesting these ingredients once they are on your lips; hence, you need to find something that won’t harm your internal body during the healing of your lip skin. 

What Makes Your Lips Crack?

For most people, weather and climatic changes are the most significant factors of having chapped and dry lips, and for most others, it is licking, or biting the lips. If you are on some medication, you can blame them for dry lips. 

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Make sure your lip balm doesn’t have any micro abrasive or irritants that may cause the lips to feel dehydrated. You don’t want to enter this highly frustrating cycle; hence try your best to find the high performing products. 

Last Words

What is a lip balm without adding to your everyday skincare routine? Make sure that you are taking care of your sensitive skin at your lips when taking care of the rest. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable even when you want to smile, and you feel tightening on your lips, as that can be frustrating. 

Hence invest in some of good lip care products that include anti-aging properties, and make sure you make it a habit to apply balms regularly on your lips.

How To Solve Chapped Lips, Dr Sam Bunting

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