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The Celebrities’ Secret to Keep Their Skin Young

The Celebrities’ Secret to Keep Their Skin Young

Katy Perry

The power of the LED light is conquering most of the celebrities’.

Let’s explain what is the famous LED light:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is a solid semiconductor body of great resistance that when receiving a very low intensity electric current, emits light efficiently and with high performance. The LED lights can be found in most homes, shops and basically anywhere…

But, what about their use in the beauty industry?

Nowadays, the LED lights are used in different treatments in most of beauty centres, you can also get access to these lights and use them at home as many times as you want. Obviously, the more you use them the better the results are.

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Let’s talk about the results and why are most celebrities in love with these LED lights:

Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry or Victoria Beckham are one of the celebrities that are obsessed with LED lights treatment. Revolutionary and useful for countless problems with your skin, it promises to be the solution to acne, fine lines, and also helps with the firmness of the face as well as preventing premature ageing and wrinkles.

On one of the interviews Jennifer Aniston had with the famous American makeup artist, Bobbie Brown, Jen mentioned that one of her anti-ageing treatment was the use of LED lights, as she was asked about her beauty secrets and what was her biggest secret to keep her skin young after all these years… And guess what? She also mentioned that anyone can do these treatments by themselves at home as it doesn’t require any fortune.

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How many types of LED lights are they and what do they do:

There are 7 colours so far, but the most used ones are the Red, Bleu and Green lights.

  • Red LED: Stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production and cell renewal, which is why in turn they are a good action as anti-wrinkles, to mitigate sun damage, for stretch marks and so on… The skin rejuvenates, looks more radiant and improves in appearance, texture, hydration and firmness.
  • Blue LED: Works by stopping the development of bacteria responsible for acne. Another type of LED such as amber is effective for rosacea, it reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Green LED: It is specific to control hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Helps remove blemishes and darker skin tone by matching overall skin tones. Green light works against melanocytes, the melanin-forming cells in the inner part of the epidermis. Green light inhibits excess melanin production.

It is very important to know more about these masks and lamps before buying them and using them. You can find all kind of masks, lamps and LED devices in popular web shops in all countries, however, make sure you use the one is certified by Europe, Canada or USA since most of these devices come from Asia, and you want to make sure that it complies with our regulations. It is also good to know that these devices should not be used more that 10 minutes a day.

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