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The Essential Types Of Acids For Glowy Skin

The Essential Types Of Acids For Glowy Skin

Types of Acids for Skincare Use

No ornament adorns a woman better than smooth, supple, silky soft skin. The sheen and radiance of a woman’s natural coat can debase the most stoic of men. What woman would turn away from craving for such an amazing asset! Knowing your inclinations, we have tried to devise a list of essential acids that impart you the much desired luminous skin you have been aspiring to possess.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the elixir of youthfulness. Widely known for its healing and reverse ageing properties, HYA breathes a new lease of life into your skin. In addition, it offers excellent hydration – it is a must-have for ladies with dry skin problems. When used in combination with other natural and synthetic skin-nourishing ingredients, it imparts a hydrated, dewy look to your skin.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid acts on dead cells and hyperpigmented skin. It thoroughly exfoliates the skin, peeling off a whole layer of dirt, sebum, and dead skin to expose the clean and smooth underlying layer. This whole procedure boosts skin regeneration, which fastens up skin cell replacement, leaving you with clear, flawless skin. It works best for treating oily skin.

Glycolic Acid

The molecules of Glycolic acid are the smallest among all skin glow and dermal restorative acids. This permits it to penetrate deep within your facial epithelium and act on target points to improve new cell production. Similar in utility to Salicylic Acid, this Alpha Hydroxy Acid provides the added benefit of curing dark spots in short time frames. With its anti-ageing composition and texture evening formula, it’s nothing short of a magic potion for your skin. The result is a complete absence of blemishes and fine lines – the glow concealed beneath the unhealed skin shines forth.

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Lactic Acid

Milk extracts have been an integral part of skin cosmetology for ages. The reason lies in an important acid component they possess – Lactic Acid. Lactic acid combines the twin bonuses of exfoliation and moisture fortification. It works brilliantly with sun-damaged skin, affecting its repair to reach the original untanned skin tone. It gently cleanses and moisturizes skin leaving it brighter and more luminous than before.

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