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The Importance of Facial Serums for Having a Perfect Skin.

The Importance of Facial Serums for Having a Perfect Skin.

The ageing of the skin is the most visible and progressive sign that our body suffers over time. In particular, the face is the part of the body that suffers the most from this change, and, besides, it is the one that worries us the most.

Skincare has always been more associated with women than men; in view, most of the facial products on the market are aimed at them. In recent years, society has undergone certain changes that have made men also seek to take care of themselves more and have become another target audience for manufacturers of dermo-cosmetic products.

Do you know the difference between a cream and a serum?

What product should you use: cream or serum?

Creams are essential to hydrate and protect the skin, but they cannot treat it like a serum does. It is true that anti-ageing creams also help fight the signs of ageing and can help in their preservation, but their denser texture prevents them from reaching the deeper layers as serums do.

Serums play a significant role as they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. The texture of the facial serums is lighter and is designed to penetrate even the skin’s deepest layers to offer more effective results and enhance the anti-ageing treatment.

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The serum is the essential first step for your skincare routine

The serum is a product dedicated to effectively treating any need that our skin may have. Its high concentration of active ingredients and its fluid texture makes it perfect for enhancing the product’s penetration to a greater depth and providing rapid and visible efficacy. However, it is not recommended to use them alone or as a substitute for moisturizer, but as a perfect complement to your beauty treatments. The most advisable thing is to use it twice a day, just before your usual cream and with a very clean face.

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