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The Relationship Between Sex & Beauty

The Relationship Between Sex & Beauty

Can Sex Help You Get a Glowy Skin?

Have you heard of the phrase ‘post-sex glow’ and shrugged it off as a myth? Well, apart from the myriad other health benefits that an energetic round of lovemaking can give you, the ‘afterglow’, as some women call it, is something that you can feel almost immediately. And it appears that science has found some foolproof ways of backing that claim.

Let’s dive into what new researches have revealed and get you in the mood for a steamy session with a power-packed dose of modern science:

Reduces Skin Inflammations

A session of feel-good sex with your partner relaxes your body increasing happy hormones and chemicals like oxytocin, simultaneously reducing cortisol levels. This is conducive to clear skin and helps prevent acne, breakouts or other skin conditions that are largely proven to be stress-induced.

Brighter Face With A Natural Blush

The next time you step out of your house after a quickie, you might as well skip the blush and the highlighter altogether. You would most likely have a naturally reddish undertone from all that jostling. The perspiration would also add to all that shine and radiance.

A Fuller Pout

Good sex is incomplete without some passionate toe-curving smooches. All that increased blood flow to your lips plumps them up, an effect that could last for hours into the day. So don’t hang back when your partner gets a little kinky and start nibbling at your mouth.

Promotes Healthier Hair-growth

Akin to the effects of exercise, regular sex can balance out hormones, reducing overall body stress levels. This fosters improved hair health, giving your mane that sheen and lustre that you have always dreamt of.

Reverses The Effects Of Ageing

Sex can promote the production of collagen, the primary structural protein component that builds up our skin. High collagen content helps in doing away with the telltale signs of ageing like dry, broken or sagging skin, giving you a youthful and long-lasting suppleness.

Increases Confidence

Regularly indulging in sexual activity helps strengthens your bones, muscles and boosts overall mobility. Moreover, it makes you admire and take pride in your skin and body. Lastly, the blissful effects it leaves in your mind and body is evident from the lingering happy smile.

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