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This is How Often You Should Really Wash Your Hair

This is How Often You Should Really Wash Your Hair

This is How Often You Should Really Wash Your Hair

Wondering how ofter you should wash your hair? The frequency of washing your hair is totally subjective and depends on your personal preference and your hair type. But it is a general recommendation to stop shampooing your hair very frequently. This is because shampoos extract the oil from your hair which your hair produces from sebaceous glands. Excessive shampooing can rip off the natural oils from your hair giving them a dull and frizzy look.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

People with an oily scalp, those who exercise daily and sweat a lot, have very fine hair and those living in humid climates should shampoo regularly. It is often a misconception that people who suffer from dandruff should not wash their scalp often because it may make their scalp dry and worsen the dandruff. They should certainly wash their scalp as it helps improve the condition. 

How Many Washes Per Week Are Recommended?

It is recommended to wash hair two to three times per week. However, if you notice that your hair and scalp have turned oily or you notice flaking, you can wash your hair more than the recommended washes per week. 

Moreover, if you have heat-styled your hair, do not leave the styling products in the hair for a long time. It is better to shampoo your hair and wash off the harmful heat styling products. Regardless of how your hair feels, it is advisable to not go longer than 14 days without washing your hair. 

How Would You Know You Have to Wash Your Hair More Often?

If you have straight and silky hair, you will need to wash them more often because they tend to become oilier as compared to wavy or curly hair. This is because straight and silky have are covered with a coat of sebum to impart the shiny appearance whereas curly hair are potentially dry. So shampooing curly hair more often can make them dull and brittle.

People who exercise regularly tend to sweat more and the sweat can spread in you scalp too. This makes your hair look dirty and greasy. It is advisable to shampoo daily if your workout on daily basis or wear a scarf or hat on your head.

Gardening, cleaning and other tasks that are messy can call for a hair wash. Dust, dirt and pollen can stick to your hair and make them look dirty visibly. They can also exacerbate your allergies and would signal you to wash your hair more often.

Can Dry Shampoo Be an Option to Other Shampoos?

Invest in a dry shampoo that helps removes dirt and grease from your hair to clean your hair. Avoid using the dry shampoo on the ends to prevent them from drying out and giving a frizzy look. This shampoo helps you to avoid using harsh chemical-base shampoos on a daily basis.


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