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Three of The Best Facial Anti-Ageing Treatments

Three of The Best Facial Anti-Ageing Treatments

Forehead wrinkles are expression or dynamic wrinkles that are produced by the continuous contraction of your muscles.

Although it is normal that these types of wrinkles to appear over the years, some young people have them because these wrinkles have a lot to do with the expressiveness of your face. If this is your case, and you are concerned, you are going to find out three effective ways to eliminate and prevent any facial wrinkles.

Botox: This is the most effective medical-aesthetic treatment to eliminate wrinkles. “Botulinum Toxin” is a purified protein that is injected in minuscule amounts, applied to specific muscles of the face and relaxing them. Meaning, existing wrinkles are smoothed and new ones are prevented. The treatment is painless as it is administered through microinjections. The injections are safe since the effects of the substance are only manifested in the muscle. The results of Botox are visible from the next 24-48 hours and the effects last between 3 to 6 months.

Mesotherapy: Facial Mesotherapy consists of the injection of certain substances that improve the quality of the skin and attenuate and prevent the effects of ageing and, therefore, fine lines and wrinkles. To achieve these results, “one of the most used combinations is hyaluronic acid with vitamins, a cocktail that acts by increasing the thickness of the facial skin, providing elasticity, firmness and reducing the effects of cellular oxidation”. With this treatment, these substances that are diminished by the passage of time or external agents such as the sun, cold or pollution are restored. The effects of hyaluronic acid treatments last between 6 and 8 months.

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Radiofrequency: This is probably the fastest technique. If you are not a big fan of needles, you can use Radiofrequency, a very complete rejuvenating treatment, with different applications. Radiofrequency is used to treat forehead wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and also flaccidity of the face and body, and even cellulite. This type of od treatment is a painless, fast and non-invasive treatment. For your face, 3 to 6 sessions are recommended to see better results.

The face is the area of the body that is most exposed to external aggressions, such as the sun, cold or pollution, that is why it is where wrinkles appear before, however, there is plenty of treatments available out there to eliminate and prevent them. Just choose the right one for you.

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