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Top 10 Armani Perfumes to Make You absolutely Irresistible

Top 10 Armani Perfumes to Make You absolutely Irresistible

Top 10 Armani Perfumes to Make You absolutely Irresistible

When you ponder about which Armani perfumes to buy, what drives you to choose a certain fragrance? A perfume is a way of life. It reflects your personality and style. Perfume is sophistication in a bottle. And what better way to introduce the sophisticated you into the world, than wielding Armani’s range of luxury perfumes. These perfumes epitomize success, confidence, elegance and beauty as they make you the embodiment of worldliness. Below are the top fragrances by Armani. Let’s discover the special fragrance which best exemplifies the vibrant uniqueness, that is you.

10 Of the Best Armani Perfumes of all Times.

SÌ by Giorgio Armani – The film starring Cate Blanchett
  • 1. Si

Si was designed keeping in mind woman of the modern world. She is strong, confident, feminine and enigmatic. The perfume is alluring with a fusion of various blackcurrant extracts. There is a woody finish to the scent as it captivates you with a mix of may rose, Osmanthus, davana and neroli.

  • 2. Armani Code

Code for women is the classic Armani. It aims to capture the intimacy and excitement of a “rendez-vous” with a stranger. The citrusy orange and ginger note of the fragrance, along with the base notes of jasmine, vanilla, honey and sandalwood adds to your mystery.

  • 3. Si Passione

Si Passione as the name suggests embodies passion and seduction. Aimed at the fierce and uncompromising woman of today, this irresistible and complex scent provides a burst of rose, jasmine, blackcurrant and spicy pink pepper. The overall fruity and sweet smell is cut by the cedar and musk.

  • 4. Acqua di Gioia

A charming fragrance inspired by the Mediterranean coast, it celebrates the unfettered woman who is at peace and in-sync with nature. The citrusy fragrance tantalizes the senses with notes of lemon, jasmine, yellow sugar and cedar. It invokes the feeling of a summer holiday.

  • 5. Sky di Gioia

This refreshing scent lifts the mood and evokes inspiration of a sea sunrise on a new day. The top notes of the perfume are pear and litchi, with mild notes of rose and peony. The base notes of musk, cedar and blackberry gives it a well-rounded finish. Packaged in an unfussy bottle, the lightness of the fragrance makes it perfect for everyday wear.

  • 6. Light di Gioia

Inspired by the golden hour of the Mediterranean, this subtle woody and floral scent is described as luminous. It complements the woman that exudes radiance, positivity and is connected to her inner self. The perfume is light and zesty, enveloped by a curvy-edged heavy glass bottle and yellow marbled lid. The top notes are Italian bergamot with mild notes of jasmine and gardenia.

  • 7. Si Passione Intense

An iteration of the Si and Si Passione Eau de Parfum, this perfume has added notes of patchouli and jasmine, over the Si Passione. It embodies the strength, free spirit and grace of the modern woman.

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  • 8. Diamonds

Like the timeless spirit of the diamond, the perfume rouses the inner goddess and the go-getter spirit of the modern woman. It has fruity tones of lychee and raspberry and is packaged in a glitzy bottle, which will undoubtedly capture every passing eye.

  • 9. Because It’s You

A warm and delightful floral fragrance for the modern woman. The top notes are neroli and raspberry with musk and vanilla at the base.

  • 10. Armani Code Cashmere

This is the interpretation of how cashmere feels on the skin. The top notes include orange blossom and jasmine, while the base notes are of suede and leather. This earthy fragrance is packaged in a tall elegant bottle and invokes the warmth if an autumn day.

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