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Ways to Use Your Concealer — Other Than Concealing

Ways to Use Your Concealer — Other Than Concealing

Discover Other Ways to Use Your Concealer.

The biggest secret to ace the desirable makeup look is to know the exact applications of all the beauty products. Concealer is an essential beauty product, and over time, it has become a staple for all makeup lovers. Here, we shall discuss the many ways to use your concealer. Apart from concealing all the facial imperfections and creating the perfect base for the follow-up makeup, this wonder product can be your last-minute saviour.

Using Concealer on Lips and as an Eyeshadow Primer

  • Apply a thin layer of concealer that suits your complexion on the lips before applying your bright and bold lipstick. This will help the subtle down the loud lip color and give you the perfect lip color.
  • Use the concealer as a shadow base. Yes, this is a tested trick with satisfying results. Applying a thin layer of the concealer on the socket allows the eyeshadow to stay long. Also, the eyeshadow color becomes more prominent by using the concealer as a primer.
  • When trying out your expertise in drawing the perfect cat-eye liner look, always keep a concealer handy that is matching your skin tone. You can always correct any messy lines and ends with the touch of a concealer by applying it with a narrow applicator.
  • And you can give your lips a fuller look with the help of concealer. Just apply concealer that matches the skin tone on your lips and don’t forget to blend nicely. Next, draw a fuller lip outline with a lip liner and fill it up with lipstick. Your lips will look fuller and plump.

Using Concealer for Contouring and Regular look

  • This magical beauty product can also be used for contouring purposes. Using two different shades of concealer, one a bit darker and the other light will let you contour your face by following the correct process.
  • You can also include concealers in your regular beauty regime. Add a little of the concealer with the daily moisturizer and apply it to the face. This will give a natural glow and also keep the skin hydrated. Finish this day look by applying some loose powder and you are ready to face all the challenges.
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