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What Are Peptides, and What Do They Do for Your Skin?

What Are Peptides, and What Do They Do for Your Skin?

All You Need to Know about Peptides.

You’ve probably heard that peptides have anti-ageing properties and help repair or reverse damage caused to the skin. However, have you ever thought about what peptides are and how they work?

So, let’s get down to know more about peptides and how they can benefit your skin.

What are Peptides?

Before understanding peptides, you need to know about amino acids. Various amino acids in our bodies are responsible for protein synthesis, including collagen, an essential protein required for the skin. Collagen consists of more polypeptide chains – three to be precise. So, adding more peptides helps produce more polypeptides and is eventually beneficial for the skin.

Are Peptides Worth Adding To Your Skincare Routine?

How Are Peptides Beneficial for Your Skin?

While collagen is beneficial for the skin, it is a large molecule and takes time to absorb. You might have noticed that several people consume collagen supplements to help faster absorption of the protein.

However, peptides are equally beneficial, especially for the skin. So, here’s how they help the skin.

1.   Skin Barrier Improvements

The skin consists of a barrier protecting the body from bacteria, pollution, ultraviolet rays, and other toxins. When this barrier is exposed to environmental hazards such as these, it can suffer damage. Peptides help repair or reverse this damage, which is why it’s a good idea to consume their supplements.

2.   Wrinkle Reduction

Collagen causes wrinkles and the formation of plump skin. However, consuming peptides helps reduce wrinkle formation.

3.   Increases Skin Elasticity

Peptides also consist of properties that help make the skin more elastic. With the help of elastic fibres, these proteins help increase skin elasticity, making it smoother.

4.   Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of peptides help reduce inflammation and even out the skin tone.

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5.   Breakout Clearance

Peptides also contain other valuable properties that help clear breakouts and fight acne formation by killing the bacteria responsible for causing them.

Final Thoughts

Peptides work by going deeper into the skin rather than sit on the surface. However, they also have some disadvantages. For instance, you have various peptides, and not all are as effective. They even tend to cause allergic reactions in some people.

So, before buying a peptide product for your skin, it would be better if you consulted with your dermatologist. Today, the use of peptides in skincare products has become more of a marketing strategy as several brands are using the word to promote their products.

So, you may need to be wary of skincare products that advertise as having peptides in them. They may be a marketing technique to luring you into buying them.

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