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What Do Citrus Fragrances Actually Smell Like? 

What Do Citrus Fragrances Actually Smell Like? 

What Do Citrus Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

Citrus scents are popular, and when done right, can make for a powerful signature scent. But what is so special about Citrus scents? And what does it mean if your fragrance has a citrus scent?

What is a Citrus Fragrance? 

Fragrances are usually made up of three kinds of notes – top notes, middle notes, and base notes. In order to be classified as a citrus fragrance, a large majority of these, usually the top notes, needs to be of a citrus scent. This can be anything from orange blossoms to mandarin oranges, to even lemon.

The other notes in the fragrance should work to support the top notes, and make them stand out even more. You can find rich luxurious floral scents that take you to luxurious foreign countrysides, depending on the notes used. You can find tropical scents, Italian scents, and many more.

The most luxurious and well-known perfumeries and designers have at least a few citrus scents in their repertoire. This is owing to how popular the scent is.

The notes in a citrus fragrance are extracted from citrus fruits. Fragrances use both natural as well as synthetic materials, which blend together to create rich scents, that can make a lasting impression. Citrus scents can be diverse, and can be combined with floral, and other types of notes, to create beautiful, unique scents.

In citrus scents, consider the citrus family the parent group, with other notes often making an appearance to support the citrus notes.

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Different Kinds of Citrus Notes 

Even though Citrus scents in general tend to evoke a fresh and zesty scent, there are several categories you can divide these scents into. This can be dependent on the kind of citrus scent, such as whether oriental, or woody, or more. When you decide to buy a citrus fragrance, knowing what type of scent it is can help you to pick the perfect scent for any occasion.

Citrus scents can smell different, depending on the citrus note used – ranging from bergamot to clementine, grapefruit, and more. Here are different types of Citrus scents that you should know about:

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1. Oriental Scents 

One category of citrus scents includes oriental scents. The citrus notes used in these scents are often opulent, and have a hint of spiciness in them as well. These scents tend to be evocative of oriental destinations, rich in the scents that are so familiar there.

When creating an oriental citrus scent, the top note will often be a luxurious oriental scent. This is then combined with scents that offer a spicier note, such as amber, or even balsamic notes. The end result is a balanced scent that smells fresh and summery.

2. Woody Scents 

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Woody citrus fragrances make use of middle and base notes that evoke the musky, woody scents of summer, as well as forests. The top note will be one or more citrus scents, which are then combined with woody scents to create a rich fragrance that’s hard to resist.

Woody citrus scents stand out for their fresh feel. These scents can be used in all kinds of occasions, as well as all seasons. The rich combination of citrus and woody notes makes for a companion that will work for you any time of the year.

3. Floral Scents 

Citrus scents are often combined with floral scents, to create powerful and rich aromas, that make a great impression. Rich citrusy top notes blend perfectly with floral middle and base notes, to create luxurious scents that you’ll fall in love with instantly.

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There are several categories of Citrus scents, that allow you to better define and understand these rich, luxurious fragrances. Here is what you can expect from citrus scents, and their different blends.

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