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What Do Floral Fragrances Actually Smell Like

What Do Floral Fragrances Actually Smell Like

What Do Floral Fragrances Actually Smell Like

Floral Scents Explained.

Flowers are not only beautiful but most of them are gorgeously fragrant. Floral fragrances can be fresh, light, delicate to complex. They can be warm, sweet, and intense and even have a hint of wild, spicy, and woody notes.

The fascinating scent of flowers has encouraged mankind to explore innumerable options of including them in the world of perfumery. Floral fragrances can be complex and mysterious and might be difficult to distinguish but some floral notes stand out in the crowd. Owing to their captivating and pleasing scents, floral fragrances have found an important place in the fragrance industry. From perfumes, colognes, soaps, home cleaning products, and everything that is intended to smell nice, floral fragrances are much in demand.

With so many floral fragrances available it can become a difficult task to decide what’s right for you. Knowing what different floral fragrances smell like may help you select what delights your olfactory sense the most.

<strong><sup>Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs<sup><strong>

White Floral Fragrances

White flowers may lack attractive colors but their exotic fragrances are considered some of the most treasured notes in feminine perfumes. Jasmine, frangipani, gardenia, lily of the valley, tuberose, are some of the mainstays of fragrances in the floral genre of perfumery globally. Designer perfumes often use the opulence of more than one white floral note and aroma chemicals to come up with popular fragrances. 

To create fresh, heady, intoxicating scents, white floral perfumes are often given the surprise of a bouquet. Playing with a mix of popular floral aromas like jasmine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rose, iris, and fruity fragrances like grapefruit, peach, passion fruit, perfumers develop sensual and playful aromas. 

Some popular white floral fragrances are Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. This feminine perfume has an intoxicating whiff of jasmine, cattleya, and rose. To add a sensual twist, it has an added scent of patchouli and warm vanilla. ‘So In Love’, the timeless classic by Victoria’s Secret, is a non-fruity, not overly sweet-smelling fragrance that has been loved for years. It has a harmonious blend of jasmine, ylang-ylang, honey, rose, cognac without any chemical fragrance.

<strong><sub>Black Opium by YSL<sub><strong>


Soliflore are fragrances that give a snapshot of a single flower to the olfactory system. They tell you the story of a single flower. These lack the complexities of a bouquet of different flowers. A soliflore is focused on a single floral scent and creates vivid imagery of it.

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An excellent example of soliflore is Gardenia Passion by Goutal. The surprising fact is since no perfumery oil is yielded from sweet fragrant white gardenia flowers, the scent is recreated with a mix of floral materials. This perfume has the top notes denoting gardenia and jasmine with the middle notes of orange blossom and tuberose. The base note has the fragrance of vanilla.

<strong><sup>Bloom by Gucci<sup><strong>

Abstract Floral

Abstract floral fragrances are a modern concept where imaginary scents are created for flowers that lack any scent. For example, the beautiful poppy has a cheery look but is devoid of any sweet fragrance. Perfumers who want to create a scent inspired by poppy may develop an aroma out of their imagination without any actual reference. Abstract florals may also be a mixed bouquet of floral fragrances that pay tribute to nature.

Flower by Kenzo is a good example of an abstract floral that’s inspired by wild poppy. The soft and mysterious fragrance offers freshness of nature. With the top notes denoting floral, powdery rose, black currant, and citrusy Mandarin orange it’s a floral musk feminine perfume with a hint of vanilla. The middle notes are rose, violet, and Jasmine with the base notes hinting vanilla, and white musk. This fragrance with a fresh, floral, sweet smell leaves enough room for you to keep guessing what floral scent does it resemble.

<strong><sup>Flowerbomb by Victor Rolf<sup><strong>
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