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What Do Musk Fragrances Smell Like?

What Do Musk Fragrances Smell Like?

Musk Fragrances Explained.

If you are a perfume lover you may have heard about musk. Musk is extremely popular in perfume. Allow us to tell you more about musk and what it smells like.

Where Does Musk Come from?

Musk is of two varieties. Natural and synthetic. Natural musk is secreted by the male musk deer to attract females for mating. The male deer are killed to collect the musk pod. Like all other body secretions, the original musk has a bad odor.

It is soaked in alcohol at the processing stage. After processing in alcohol, the musk lets out a rich and aromatic fragrance. It becomes the base note of a perfume. Perfumes with musk last longer. Musk has a tendency to retain its smell for a long period. The final scent depends on the concentration of musk in the perfume. More the musk the stronger the perfume.

Some plants produce compounds that smell like musk. Abelmoschus moschatus is a plant that is used as a substitute for animal musk. 

Synthetic musk is made in laboratories and sent to perfume factories. The synthetic musk does not have the odor associated with natural musk. 

The Smell of Musk

The original musk has a strong smell. But when used in minor concentrations, musk gives the perfume a sweet smell. You can call the smell of musk more earthy and wood-based. After being immersed in alcohol for an extended period the original musk sheds its strong ammonia odor and develops an exquisite, strong fragrance. 

Musk has the ability to blend in with different fragrances and enhance or mask them depending on the quantity used. Musk gives a sensuous quality to the perfume. And rightly so. Musk I was originally secreted by the male deer to attract its mate. 

Musk has a similar impact on a person’s brain and hormones. The sensuous smell of musk encourages the body to produce more of the love hormone called Oxytocin. The increasing levels of Oxytocin heighten the feelings of physical attachment, love, and sex appeal in a person. 

The potent fragrance of musk is capable of arousing both men and women. Musk makes men and women more appealing to the opposite sex. Musk is identified with romance. People in love or those looking for love must try out musk-based perfumes.

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How Long Does the Aroma of Musk Last?

Musk doesn’t evaporate quickly like other perfumes. Musk stays on for a longer duration as its evaporation process is extremely slow. This makes its fragrance long-lasting. Musk is a known ingredient to increase the life of perfumes.

When applied to human skin musk fragrances keep you smelling fresh for a whole day. It lasts for several days on clothes. Some fabrics retain the smell of musk even after they have been washed. When blended with other scents the scent of musk lingers long after other volatile fragrances have evaporated.

Who Will Love Musk?

Musk is a complex, unique fragrance, and quite a head-turner. Musk has been used in perfumes for centuries. It is now that this fragrance has been gaining popularity. People who love wild scents will love musk. Musk is not meant for everyone.

Musk cannot be compared to the other fragrances in the market. Neither can it be slotted in categories like fruity, floral, strong, etc. Musk is closer to the smell of our own bodies but in a more alluring way. Musk cannot be described in words. You know it when you smell it. That distinct, visceral sensual appeal. Fragrance connoisseurs will surely find musk appealing. Musk gives a traditional, sensual characteristic to the perfumes.

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