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What Food You Should Avoid if You Have Oily Skin

What Food You Should Avoid if You Have Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, in addition to cleaning, toning and hydrating, you should pay attention to your diet and reduce some food consumptions.

Let’s see what are the type of food that you need to reduce or maybe remove from your diet:

  • Spicy: A spicy or a hot dish from time to time is not a problem. But, it is not good to abuse using spices to your dishes if you want to have a skin without pimples.
  • Sugar: One of the main things that we consume and it causes skin problems is the sugar. Sugar is just empty calories that favours the appearance and development of numerous problems for health in general. For oily skin, in particular, If you want a healthy skin you should definitely reduce consuming sugar.
  • Dairy Products: Dairy products are generally not recommended for oily skin. Except those that contain probiotics such as organic natural yogurt.
  • Fried & Deep Fried: It is unhealthy to consume fried food in general. Just let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a crunchy Fish & Chips? When the food is fried, polluting hydrocarbons arise that affect the collagen of the skin and accelerate its ageing.
  • Fast Food: All kind of fast food should be avoided if you have an oily skin. It is okay to eat a burger or a pizza from time to time in a fast food place. But if you really want to avoid having skin problems, you should consider not eating these.

Healthy skin looks bright, smooth and soft. Now, getting the desired “perfect skin” requires external and internal care.

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