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What is Biotin & what Does it Do for Your Hair Growth?

What is Biotin & what Does it Do for Your Hair Growth?

Biotin Explained.

Biotin is a certain water-soluble vitamin part of the vitamin B family. It is also known as vitamin H. Your body requires biotin to help in converting nutrients into energy. It also plays a very important role in the overall health of your skin, hair, and nails. 

If you are not getting enough biotin, you might experience hair loss or get a scaly red rash. But a deficiency is rare. In many cases, the biotin you obtain from the diet is just enough for you to get all the health benefits it offers. Still, most people are growing their intake in the hopes of more benefits. Let’s see the uses of biotin for hair. 

Let’s See what Biotin for Hair Growth Can Do for You?

  • Keratin is the basic protein that makes up hair, nails, and skin. Biotin improves the body’s keratin structure. But beyond this, researchers don’t seem to be so sure what biotin’s role is in hair or skincare. It is also used as biotin for hair. 
  • Research over the effects of biotin on hair growth is just sparse. There is very little evidence to suggest that the increased biotin intake might help the promotion of hair growth. 
  • The evidence is inclusive that biotin affects hair growth as supplements taken don’t only have biotin but other ingredients. The improvement in hair growth is attributed to biotin only. Biotin for hair growth has been used quite extensively these days. 
  • Women having thinning hair were given oral marine protein supplements in research. This supplement had biotin, and all other inherited or the placebo pill twice every day for 90 days. At the start and end of this study, the digital images were taken on the affected areas of the scalp. Every participant’s hair was washed, and all shed hair was counted. 
  • The researchers found that women who took MPS had significant hair growth in the affected areas. They also observed less shedding. 
  • Taking biotin means that your body requires this special micronutrient to work properly. The biotin present in your body consumed by food helps your body turn the food you eat into energy. 

Having this supplement effectively treats biotin deficiency, but some biotin supplements claim to also come with more benefits, which aren’t currently supported by scientific evidence. But you can start using biotin for hair growth as it comes with its benefits. 


Manufacturers also claim that conditioners, shampoos, masks, hair oils, and creams with biotin help in the thickening of hair and add shine. A handful of research articles have also shown that biotin supplements may help stimulate hair regrowth among people with a clinical biotin deficiency or hair loss. 

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Researchers also note that hair regrowth is mostly caused by many factors and might not be because of biotin supplements at all. There isn’t any evidence that this supplement helps, but those that have been trying it also claim that they got their hair back at a specific time. 

If you want to use biotin for hair growth, you can use it as it doesn’t come with any side effects, and you get to enjoy a healthy mane as well! This can be your lucky way out as a hair loss treatment. 

Does Biotin Really Work for Hair Growth?

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