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What Is Collagen and How Can You Stimulate Its Production?

What Is Collagen and How Can You Stimulate Its Production?

You probably heard Collagen many times but here you will learn more about this protein that you have in your bodies.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein whose function is to hold the different structures of the body together. It is the most abundant protein molecule in the body and it is estimated that one in four proteins in the body is Collagen (approximately 7 per cent of the body mass of a human being).

Watch the Nutraceuticals Naomi Whittel explaining all what you need to know about Collagen

What is Collagen responsible for?

Collagen is responsible for binding connective tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, cartilage, and adipose tissues and organs). In this way, it would act as a support element that allows the whole body to be held together. Its function consists in the formation of the fibres from which the structures of the organism are created; therefore, it is responsible for the degree of firmness and elasticity of these structures and plays an essential role in their hydration.

What function does it have on your skin?

Collagen gives strength to the structures of the body, protects these structures also by forming a barrier against toxic substances, pathogens, environmental toxins, microorganisms and cancer cells. It also protects the walls of the blood vessels, the digestive tract, the heart, the kidneys, the gallbladder and the urinary bladder. It holds the tissues and cells together and it is also the largest component of hair and nails.

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Collagen makes up most of the dermis, being the protein that supports the skin and is the most complex in Protein connective tissue, so the lack of collagen causes a lack of firmness and an increase in flaccidity. So, basically, the Collagen is what keeps your skin YOUNG and free from WRINKLES. Once your body starts decreasing the production of Collagen, is when all the fine lines and wrinkles start appearing on your skin.

Knowing the importance of Collagen on your skin, let’s see how you can stimulate the production of Collagen?

Watch Whitney, nutrition, fitness, and wellness professional explains all that you need to know about Collagen.

Once you know how Collagen is lost and why it is synthesized, you can act to stimulate its formation and prevent its destruction. To avoid its destruction it is clear that it is to avoid the formation of free radicals and if they are formed, thanks to antioxidants, they will act by fighting the free radicals that cause this destruction.

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Supply of sufficient nutrients for the body to have the necessary substance to “manufacture” it.

Alcohol consumption, smoking, fast food and sugar consumption are the main things that accelerate the loose of Collagen.

There are plenty of creams that contain Collagen, however, it is better to stimulate your body to create its own Collagen. Other aesthetic treatments are available that work very well for stimulating the collagen’s production. Among them, you can find Mesotherapy and Facial Radiofrequency treatments.

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