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What is Invisalign and What Does it Do?

What is Invisalign and What Does it Do?

Did you know that it is said that 75% of people are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile?

Invisalign is also known as clear-aligner treatment. It is an orthodontic devices that is transparent and succeeding throughout worldwide by given great advantages. Millions of patients around the world have already improved their smile. But what does it consist of? How are these spectacular results achieved?

Let’s find out more about Invisalign:

Invisalign is a treatment focused on straightening teeth. Surely you have heard that this is only done through brackets. However, this technique has managed to perfect the world of orthodontics until allowing a beautiful smile to show off without anyone noticing anything.

This treatment consists of the use of invisible aligners that consist of a cover in the upper and lower arch. These devices are made to measure, controlling with great precision the movements of the teeth. Each aligner is different from the previous one, allowing the tooth to move.

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The aligners set that is used in this treatment needs to be changed more often. In this way, the deviated dental pieces will gradually move so that, week by week, they reach their final position without anyone in your environment having noticed the real effect of the treatment.

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