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What Is The Difference Between Gel, Shellac & Acrylic?

What Is The Difference Between Gel, Shellac & Acrylic?

You probably asked yourself this question before and you might have a favourite product too.

However, do you know what is best for the heath of your nails?

Let’s explain a bit about the Gel, the Shellac and the Acrylic so you can learn the differences between these three products.

Gel is a gel that is already mixed and needs to be cured with an LED or UV lamp that can be used at home too, it is softer and more flexible to use and not very damaging to the Nails. 

Shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel that acts like a nail polish. The shellac can’t be used to extend the nails. It is basically a semi-permanent nail polish.

Acrylic is a mix of powder (polymer) and a liquid (monomer) to create a dough consistency, that can then be filed and moulded into shapes. It is used for extensions and needs a nail polish to get the last touch of your nail art. It lasts longer than the two other options. However it is the most damaging for the nails.

If you prefer acrylic then you should keep in mind that you will need to give to your nails a break from time to time as your nails will  need to breath.

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BeautyLife Magazine has created a guide for you with all the information that you will need about the nail art.

Go to Guide: What is the difference between gel, shellac & acrylic?

You will find information about the products, the different options, pros and cons as well as all the tips and the beauty routine for the care of your nails.

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