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What is Wood Therapy & What Are its Benefits?

What is Wood Therapy & What Are its Benefits?

What the Research Says about Cellulite?

Wood Therapy, also called Madero Therapy, is a centuries-old procedure of redefining body contours by employing vigorous massage done with the help of anatomically sculpted wooden tools. These specially designed tools like wooden rolling pins and vacuum suction cups apply targeted pressure at body areas. Each wooden element and tool used in this method has a specific use for a particular area of the body. This pressure helps by breaking down fat and fibrous cellulite and, in the process, gets naturally eliminated from the body along with other toxins. And the best part is that this technique does not cause any harm to skin or tissues. You can probably see the difference only after an hour of treatment. A series of about 15 treatments can get the best result. 

About the Technique

In this technique, the repetition of a series of movements with the help of different types of wooden tools is done. These tools generate targeted pressure on bodily fat, muscle, and cellulite and help the body release stored toxins. This process speeds up metabolism and burns fat. The therapy is said to help get a toned and proportionate body. In addition, the application of measured pressure on specific areas helps break down cellulite to get rid of bulges.  

Benefits of Wood Therapy

1. It helps to relax and loosen tight muscles

2. It can reduce cellulite by heightening lymphatic drainage

3. Can make the skin appear smooth and tones

4. It can result in eliminating stored toxins

5. Burns Fat

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6. Contours the body to make it shape well. 

What The Research Says about Cellulite            

It is suggested that this massage therapy can prove to be beneficial in reducing cellulite. Practitioners of this technique claim that Wooden Therapy helps to reduce cellulite. The essence lies in the fact that massage therapy, when done correctly under proper guidance and by experienced practitioners, is likely to yield desired outcomes. In addition, this therapy can support lymphatic drainage that may lead to the reduction of cellulite.

Some Important Points to Remember

If you are planning to try this therapy, then go for the well-reputed practitioners. Make sure that massage is done by experienced therapists. Always go for the best service providers, as it is said that this process can be painful. Also, it is better to avoid getting the therapy on sensitive areas of the body and face. And, it is always better to consult your doctor to be on the safe side and ensure that this treatment is right for your body.

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